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Feilo Acoustics Convened 2017 Party Members and Leading Cadres Democratic Life Meeting[2018-02-13]

Abstract:Recently, Feilo Acoustics convened 2017 party members and leading cadres democratic life meeting.


Feilo participated in the construction of Taopu Zhichuang City Project[2018-02-05]

Abstract:At the beginning of 2018, the project team of Feilo Construction, a subsidiary of Feilo, had already begun construction of Shanghai Taopu Zhichuang City.


Subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics Successfully Won Hongqiao Airport Eastern Area No. 3 Pole Light Retrof[2018-02-05]

Abstract:The Spring Festival travel rush of 2018 was no difference as in previous years, started on the way back home in anxiety and joy. Railway stations, airports, highways connect our home lands and distant lands.


Grand Opening of Philippines Sylvania[2018-02-05]

Abstract:Local time on February 5, Philippines Sylvania celebrated a grand opening in the Philippines capital, Manila. General Manager of Feilo Acoustics and Chairman of Feilo Sylvania International Lighting Group, Zhuang Shenan, General Manager of Feilo Investment,


"Embrace Dreams, Create Glorious" Feilo Investment Convened 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Development[2018-02-01]

Abstract:On February 1, 2018, Feilo Investment solemnly held 2017 annual summary and 2018 development conference with the theme of "embrace dreams, create glorious" in Hongqiao Guest Hotel. The conference comprehensively summarized the major work and achievements of all departments in 2017, and made a comprehensive deployment of the work priorities and targets in 2018.


Sylvania “Products Turning into Base” production conference successfully completed[2018-01-30]

Abstract:On January 30, Simon Reed, Managing Director of Sylvania FMG, Saurabh Pandhi, FMG Product Director, Dai Weizhong, Vice General-Manager of Feilo, as well as members of Production and Operation Center


Focus on Site Remarkable Management ——2017 Feilo Acoustics Summary Conference of Site Management St[2018-01-29]

Abstract:From January 29 to January 30, 2018, 2018, the summary conference of 2017 Feilo Acoustics site management star rating evaluation event with the theme of "Focus on site Remarkable Management" was held in Jiangxi Base.


[ADVANCED TOPICS]Editorial: Emulate Those Better Than Oneself, Advanced Righteousness Will Then be a[2018-01-25]

Abstract:——Written in the Time of Feilo Acoustics 2017 Annual Advanced Commendation and Summary Conference Time is the greatest writer, who faithfully records the footsteps of the strivers.