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Feilo Acoustics held to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of C[2016-06-22]

Abstract:On 22nd June 2016, Shanghai Feilo acoustics Co., Ltd. held the general assembly conference during the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The secretary of Party committee Mrs. Xiang Min,the commissioner of discipline Mr.Tao Weiguo, Party member Su Yaokang, Ye Pan, WangAiguo and other 180 member attended the meeting, and the meeting held by Comrade Tao Werguo.


The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. Successfully Held[2016-06-17]

Abstract:In the afternoon of June 17, 2016, the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. was held in the banquet hall, 2nd floor of Shanghai Xingguo Hotel’s main building.


Feilo Acoustics won two major awards of energy management contract[2016-06-16]

Abstract:On 16 June 2016, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission, and other 17 units about the Green Industrial Park creation, energy saving and environmental protection services industry innovation and development, and other key work to carry out the "2016 Shanghai Energy Saving Publicity Week" series of activities ushered in the energy industry event -- Shanghai Energy Saving Service Industry Summit and contract energy management innovation and Development Forum.


Shanghai City, the old leadership of LuoShiqian, comrade Song Yiqiao came to Feilo Acoustics researc[2016-06-15]

Abstract:On the afternoon of June 15, former leader of Shanghai City and deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee Luo Shiqian, former Shanghai Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Song Yiqiao following by Shanghai INESA party secretary, chairman Wang Qiang, accompanied by Feilo acoustics general manager, Zhuang Shenan and party secretary Xiang min, visited the firm.


Feilo France GM Meng Visited Coate d'Ivoire[2016-06-10]

Abstract:On invitation of Coate d'Ivoire PM, INESA EUROPE GM Meng Zhaoqi, local time on morning of June 10, met and talked with Coate d'Ivoire PM in Prime Minister's Office, accompanied by Minister of Energy, Minister of Industry (including national electricity supplying company heads) Minister of Culture, Minister of Sports and Tourism, Special Envoy of President. Afterwards all met with media and delivered speech at office foyer.


“To Create The Extreme “light language” -Feilo shocked LED Asia Exhibition[2016-06-09]

Abstract:From June 9th-12th, the 21st session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (LED Asia Exhibition) themed by “Thinking, Lighting, New Vision”, was held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The high-profile, Asia's largest and the most influential event of the lighting industry, brought together more than 2000 global lighting brands from 20 countries and regions, fully displayed the world's most advanced and most innovative thought of LED lighting products and technologies on a stage of 180,000 square meters.


Feilo Party Committee held study and education conference of “ Study on theoretical and practical is[2016-06-03]

Abstract:on morning of June 3th, Feilo Party Committee held again the conference of syste-matic Secretary of Party Group. It specifically arranged the implementati-on plan and mission that how to do a better job on the study and education of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building ”.


Small street light [2016-05-27]

Abstract:On May. 27th, 2016, the group, consisted of Jiang Liang, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, Jin Xingming, director of Shanghai SASAC,Shanghai CPPCC sponsors, Principal of the Economic Commission and leaders from Municipal Organization Department, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Commission of Commerce, Local Taxation Bureau and the city government, came to the City of Elite park in Pudong to visit and investigate the intelligent yard lamp of YHB series developed by Shanghai Feilo Smart Technology Co.,Ltd which is wholly-owned by Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co.,Ltd. Wang Hao, Assistant of CEO of Feilo Acoustics as well as General Manager of Feilo Smart accompanied them in the whole course of visit.