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Feilo Acoustics Launched 2016 “Quality Month”Event[2016-08-24]

Abstract:In order to coordinate with INESA’s and to further carry out the quality principles of “pioneering and enterprising, forever striving for perfection, and establishing first-class brand”, Feilo Acoustics, on August 24 2016, convened at the headquarters of the company the initiating meeting for the event of 2016 “Quality Month”.


Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd HoldsCommunicative Meeting for Middle-Level Cadres[2016-08-23]

Abstract:On August 23rd, Zhuang Shen An, general manager of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, executive director of Shanghai Yaming Lighting, and his team came to Jia Ding Ma Lu to convene a communicative meeting for Yaming middle-level cadres.


General Manager of Feilo Acoustics Zhuang Shen An Meets Secretary of Su Qian Municipal Committee of [2016-08-23]

Abstract:On the morning of August 23rd, Zhuang Shen An, general manager of Feilo Acoustics, met the visiting team led by Wei Guo Qiang, secretary of Su Qian municipal committee of the CPC and director of the NPC standing committee, Shen Hai Bin, member of Su Qian municipal standing committee, Feng Yan, deputy mayor of Su Qian. Having visited Feilo Acoustics’ Shanghai Y&L Lighting factory in Jia Ding and Shanghai Yaming LAC Application Centre, the two parties communicated in a symposium. Xiang Min, secretary of the party committee of Feilo Acoustics, Su Yao Kang, vice manager of Feilo Acoustics and general manager of Yaming, Zhuang Shen Zhi, vice manager of Feilo Acoustics, Zhao Hai Ru, assistant manager of Feilo Acoustics, Wang Hao, general manager of Feilo Intelligence, Zhu Hua, assistant to general manager of Feilo Acoustics, attended the symposium.


An Investigatory Research Group Led by Yang Wei Dong, Secretary of Jiu Jiang Municipal Committee of [2016-08-22]

Abstract:On the morning of August 22, 2016, an investigatory research group led by Yang Wei Dong, secretary of Jiu Jiang Municipal Committee of the CPC came to INESA and Feilo Acoustics. After visiting Shanghai Ya Ming factory in Jia Ding district affiliated to Feilo Acoustics, Secretary Yang and his party arrived at INESA and had a pleasant meeting with Cai Xiao Qing, President of INESA and Chairman of Feilo Acoustics. Huang Jin Gang, Vice President of INESA, and Zhuang Shen An, General Manager of Feilo Acoustics, Li Xin, General Manager of Strategic Planning Department of INESA, Ni Zi Hong, General Manager of Marketing Department, Zhuang Shen Zhi, Vice Manager of Feilo Acoustics attended the symposium and warmly welcomed the investigatory research group constituted by leaders of Jiu Jiang municipal government.


R20 (‘Regions of Climate Actions) Witnessing Feilo Acoustic’s Accomplishments on Energy-Saving and E[2016-08-17]

Abstract:On August 17th, 2016, themed by “Contribute to Energy- Saving , improve the World Climate”, R20 (‘Regions of Climate Actions’) witnessing Feilo Acoustic’s accomplishments on energy-saving and emission reduction press conference was grandly held in Shanghai Sheraton Pacific Hotel.


Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co.,Ltd Holds Enlarged Management Conference[2016-08-05]

Abstract:On August 5th, 2016, “Shanghai Yaming Management Enlarged Conference” was held, and members of the company’s management team and business representatives participated in the conference. The conference was held by Su Yao Kang, general manager of Shanghai Yaming.


Report on Visit to three American Countries: Trip to Mexico, Panama and USA of a Group led by Genera[2016-07-24]

Abstract:On 24th of July, 2016, Feilo Acoustics GM Mr. Zhuang Shen’an, Deputy Vice GM of Feilo Investment Mr. Yin Xintao with parties travelled far to Mexico, Panama and USA for business visit. In order to further increase brand awareness of Feilo Sylvania there, GM Mr. Zhuang with parties had deep contact with local government officers, outstanding cooperative enterprises and potential customers to expand business in South and North American market and bring vitality to the company’s internationalization strategy.


Humanistic Concerns behind the Smart Lighting ——Shanghai Feilo Joined the 2016 China LED Lighting Fo[2016-07-20]

Abstract:On July 20-21, 2016, the 6th China LED Lighting Forum held by the China Lighting Electric Appliance Association was held in Shanghai International Conference center.