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Feilo Acoustics intelligent garden lights was unveiled at the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shandong Science[2016-09-22]

Abstract:On September 22nd, 2016, the first Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shandong Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition was held in Shandong Dezhou Municipal College of Administration. The exhibition included intelligent equipment manufacturing, biotechnology, new energy exploration, modern agriculture, information technology and many other industrial fields, more than 4000 people including guests, leaders, scientific research institutes, high-tech enterprises attended. The most innovative technology products were present at the exhibition, and people were able to closely feel the charm of science and technology.


Meeting several mayors without a stop, introduce Feilo’s advantages in different occasions ——Mr. Zhu[2016-09-20]

Abstract:On 20 and 21 of September, 2016(Argentina time), the general manager of Feilo Acoustics met with the four mayors of Argentina and held cordial and friendly business talks. Mr. Zhuang briefed the four mayors on the layout, core business, product technology and quality service of Feilo Acoustics and elaborated the business models and financing means that other lighting enterprises did not have.


Creating Wisdom, Building Future Feilo Acoustics Held 2016 “Staff Double Creation Activity” Achievem[2016-09-13]

Abstract:On September 13, 2016, themed by“create wisdom, build future”, Feilo held 2016 “staff double creation activity” achievement conference in the 11th floor meeting room, and organized by the company labor union and youth league committee for 1 year, it widely rose up each system sub branch and base nearly up to sixty percent employees to participate in this event, and ultimately selected 12 innovation project shortlisted for the 2016 conference “staff double creation activity” achievement conference.


2016 China Lighting Forum held in Ji’nan —— Shandong Yaming won the [2016-09-09]

Abstract:September 9th - 11th, 2016, China Lighting Forum ——the application of innovative lighting and intelligent lighting development forum was held in Jinan. Wang Lixiong, Wang Meng, Hao Luoxi, Zhao Jianping, Yao Mengming, former leaders of the Institute Wang Jin Sui, Xu Huai, as well as more than 300 experts and scholars and enterprise representatives from different places attended the meeting, deputy general manager of Feilo Acoustics Zhao Hairu , General Manager Assistant Wang Hao, Zhu Hua were invited to the meeting.


Elevating Quality, Making up for Short Board, No limit for Improvement [2016-09-09]

Abstract:This March, INESA organized an event entitled “Breaking Bottleneck, Making up for Short Board and Consolidating the Foundation to Promote Development” aiming to improving the efficiency of operation. In response to the call, Feilo Acoustics founded a leading office of “Breaking Bottleneck, Making up for Short Board and Improving the Efficiency of Operation”and issued formal documents to key subsidiary companies to propagate this event, requiring the headquarter of the company and each subsidiary company to be actively involved in the event of making up for short board and improving the efficiency of operation.


Feilo held the 3rd meeting of the 4th Staff Congress[2016-09-07]

Abstract:In the afternoon of Sep 7th, 2016, Feilo held the 3rd time meeting of the 4th staff congress in the 11th training room. Total 26 staff representatives from headquarter joined the meeting held by company’s labor union chairman Tao.



Abstract:From 1 September 2016 inefficient Halogen Directional lamps are being phased out by the EU as part of its Eco‐Design (ErP) legislation – but there’s no need to worry, as Sylvania has an extensive range of LED alternatives. The company is committed to providing the very best lamp solutions to its customers and has already developed an attractive range of energy‐efficient LED lamps to replace the Halogen Directional versions being phased‐out of the market, which are available and in stock!


Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co.,Ltd’s Thirteenth Session of the Tenth Meeting of the Board of Directors[2016-08-25]

Abstract:On Aug 25th, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics’ thirteenth session of the tenth meeting of the board of directors, the tenth session of the tenth meeting of the board of supervisors, was held in the meeting room on the second floor of Tian Lin Road 168.