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Make Concerted Efforts to Promote Growth with Change and Reform ——Feilo Sylvania Convened 2018 Globa[2018-03-14]

Abstract:In March, Feilo Sylvania, a subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics, successfully held 2018 Global Development Conference in Budapest, Hungary from March 14th to 16th (Budapest time). INESA Vice President and Feilo Acoustics Chairman, Huang Jingang, General Manager of INESA Market Development Department, Jin Xin, General Manager of Economy Operation Department, Ouyang Kui, General Manager of Feilo Acoustics, Zhuang Shenan, Deputy General Managers, Zhuang Shenzhi and Dai Weizhong, GM Assistants, Tongmin and Yin Xintao, and senior executives of Feilo Sylvania, general managers from various regions of the world, a total of more than one hundred people attended the conference.


Northeast Seminar of Pudong Cadre Academy Visited INESA and Feilo[2018-03-09]

Abstract:On morning of March 9th, 2018, more than 50 leaders from the Northeast Seminar of Pudong Cadre Academy participated in industrial transformation and smart city exchange in Feilo after visiting INESA exhibition hall.


Greater China President of Philips Lighting Visited Shanghai INESA[2018-03-08]

Abstract:On March 8, Greater China president of Philips Lighting (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and his parties visited Shanghai INESA and were warmly received by the vice president of Shanghai INESA and Feilo chairman.


“Staying true to the mission and forwarding with dream” Feilo 2018 Development Conference successfu[2018-03-05]

Abstract:The new age is the age of fighter. On March 2018 5-6th, Shanghai Feilo development conference 2018 was held in Hubei Tianmen, the theme was "staying true to the mission and forwarding with dream".


Feilo launched the 1st season EHS inspection in 2018[2018-03-01]

Abstract:In accordance with both requirements from INESA on carrying out 1+3+3 hidden danger checking and controlling and Feilo’s EHS inspection operation regulation, Feilo EHS work group have launched the 1st season EHS inspection from 1st to 30th, March in succession.


Changzhou City Tianning District Government leaders and parties visited Shanghai INESA[2018-02-28]

Abstract:On February 28, 2018, Song Jianwei, CCP secretary of Changzhou City Tianning District Committee, and parties visited Shanghai INESA.


Jiading Madong Industrial Park Smart Streetlight Network Demonstration Project Passed Acceptance[2018-02-26]

Abstract:The other day, FLSmart, a subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics successfully passed the acceptance of Jiading Madong Industrial Park smart streetlight network demonstration project


2018 Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia business exchange meeting successfully held[2018-02-26]

Abstract:February 26 -27, 2018, the 2018 Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia business exchange meeting was held smoothly. GM and managements of Feilo Investment and Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia region as well as related personnel attended the meeting.