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Dec.29th to 30th,2016, Feilo Acoustics, in line with work requirement from INESA for a thorough safety inspection by the end of the year, set up a safety inspection panel led by Xiang Min, Party Secretary of Feilo. The panel visited Beijing Shenan and Jiangxi Shenan Yaming for safety inspection.

In the first session before safety inspection, Jiangxi Shenan Yaming started by reporting to the inspection panel the main safety work they have implemented in 2016. Party Secretary Ms Xiang Min and Deputy Director of Safety Inspection Office highlighted the importance and necessity of improving safety management against the backdrop of current national safety outlook and the requirement of INESA for safety management that combines with entity construction course of Jiangxi Shenan Yaming.

Safety inspection panel inspected the safety management system, the instrument and electricity group safety supervision system application and on-site inspection of three aspects of the system, the focus of the inspection. Inspection has carried out a detailed comprehensive inspection of the production area, office area, construction area and living area of Jiangxi Shen'an Yaming, and found more fire safety and safety hazards in the security and the existing security management loopholes ; Security management system construction is still imperfect, there have been many system gaps; instrument electrical safety supervision system applications than 2015 have made great progress, but failed to achieve a complete update, so that the actual and corresponding platform. In this regard, the inspection team made improvements and suggestions.

Two days of inspection and communication not only helps Jiangxi Shenan Yaming better understand where to improve and where to go in terms of safety management, but also scale the inspection standards and methods applied in this inspection to other manufacturing bases in the future. General Manager of Jiangxi Shenan Yaming, Mr. Zhuang Shou Yang and Director from Beijing Shenan in charge of safety management Mr. Wang Shou Yi also express their support in safety management and resolution to improve. This inspection has laid a great foundation for Jiangxi Shenan Yaming to achieve 3-level safety standard enterprise and fully upgrade its safety management expertise.