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September 27, 2016, Shanghai Feilo Smart Co., Ltd. The first election of party branch meeting held in the company conference room. Feilo acoustics company sales R & D Party branch secretary Li Yonghui presided over the meeting, Feilo acoustics company Party committee member, Party group work minister Wang Aiguo attended the meeting. 13 members of the formal party members of the company were present at the meeting.

The meeting, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "CPC Constitution" and "Provisional Regulations on the Election of Grassroots Organizations of Communist Party of China", elected Wang Hao as the secretary of first Party branch committee of Feilo Smart Corporation, and  Shu Chang as Party branch committee Deputy secretary, Comrade Zhang Yongping party branch committee. Three elected comrades, respectively, to comrades of party members expressed their confidence in the heartfelt thanks. At the same time that will be based on the work of the higher Party committees do a good job of Feilo Smart company's party building work

Finally, Comrade Wang Aiguo made a speech. He expressed his congratulations on the establishment of Feilo Smart Party Branch, affirmed the work of establishing the Party Branch of Feilo Smart and put forward hopes and demands for the future work of the Party branch. He pointed out that the establishment of Feilo Smart Branch is an important event in the development history of Feilo Smart Company. It is hoped that the Party branch should find out the starting point of the work according to the needs of enterprises and carry out party building work and activities around enterprise management. All members of the party to strengthen their faith, do a good job in their own work, play a vanguard and exemplary role in their work to fully transfer positive energy for the development of flying music smart and common struggle.