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In order to improve all party members’ enthusiasm on learning theories and caring about politics, and inspecting learning results of theories, according to the Company Party Committee’s arrangement of implementation of learning and education of “Party Building Studies”, on Nov.22th of 2016, Feilo Acoustics celebrated in China Fortune Wisdom Sharing Center learning and education knowledge competition of “Party Building Studies”. The secretary of the Party Xiang Min, the secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee and the president of Staff Union Tao Weiguo, together with over 90 party members and activists of nine Party Branches belonging to the company system participated in this competition.

The competition started at 14 pm and 9 teams were actively answering questions. This competition covered the contents of party constitutions, standards & regulations, series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the form of three segments, individual required questions, quick response questions and risk questions. At the same time, there was an interaction part in the competition, the presented party members and activists positively participated and responded, making the atmosphere of competition intense and fierce.  

Finally, the Party Branch of Jiangsu Yaming Company won the first prize with excellent score in this learning and education knowledge competition of “Party Building Studies”; the first and second party branches of Feilo Acoustics won the second prize; the first and second party branches of Ya Er, the first and second party branches of Yaming and Feilo Smart won the third prize.

At last, the Secretary Xiang made the conclusion speech: “Party Building Studies” has its foundation on studies and its key point in actions. Through learning and education, it can solve existing problems of the party member team in respect to ideas, organizations, spirits and disciplines. It can maintain the party’s advanced nature and purity. With the spirit of endeavor and hard-working attitude, we can impulse the development of every work of Feilo Acoustics. Further, the Secretary Xiang launched the detailed working wishes integrating the learning requirement of spirit of Sixth Planery Session, current concrete work and the arrangement of learning and education of “Party Building Studies”.