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Company Held CPC Honest Governance Conference to Study “CPC Accountability Ordinance”

In afternoon of August 17, company held CPC honest governance conference to learn the special report of “CPC accountability Ordinance”. Nearly 50 middle-level and above from company and subsidiary attended the meeting. Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission (DIC) Tao Weiguo chaired the meeting and CPC secretary Xiang Min made requests on company’s honest governance.

Secretary Tao firstly conveyed the speech spirit of the city's state-owned assets supervision commission and INESA DIC secretary Xie Weiping on INESA DIC enlarged meeting, and conducted a thorough explanation of the CPC Accountability Ordinance combined with cases.

Secretary Xiang pointed out in speech, since this year, company’s CPC committee and Discipline Inspection Commission held "Two learning and One do" counselling report, to learn the regulations and president Xi’s speech regarding honest governance. These cases have large warning effect, to enable "biting ear and pulling sleeves, to blush and sweat" become the norm.

Secretary Xiang requires companies leading of all levels, especially leading of CPC party members in their daily work, to strictly implement the central government’s eight provisions, especially in the coming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, to strictly fulfill the duties to ensure the fresh air of better developing enterprise.