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Shandong Yaming held revolution memorial studying activity

April 3, 2018, the event of the tomb-sweeping day, Shandong Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. CPC Party branch organized company's representatives to the Linyi Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, to participate in the revolutionary martyrs memorial activities.

9 o'clock in the morning, the ceremony officially began, the national anthem in the air echoed, with flag in the wind. Standing in front of the hero wall, stood for a long time, staring at the walls of the 2,449 anti-Japanese heroes, as if listening to the words of heroes, the comrades relived the revolutionary struggle of the glorious history and heroic deeds. When the moment of silence, the heavy and solemn atmosphere of the presence heavily shocked and encouraged every representative.

This “Qingming” activity, let everyone profoundly feel, tomb-sweeping day is not only a memory of the revolutionary martyrs, but also we look at themselves, reflect on the life of the day, think of the Chinese nation through the difficult course, looking back at the blood sacrifice of ancestors, as a new generation of party representatives, we should have a sense of responsibility, with our unique style to paint a more amazing blueprint for the company.