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Remembering the mission of the Martyrs ----Jiangxi Shen An Yaming and county government CPC branch

In memory of the revolutionary martyrs, on April 3, on the occasion of tomb-sweeping, Jiangxi Shen An Yaming CPC branch went to Fang Zhimin Martyrs Cemetery, to pay tribute to and learning his revolutionary spirit.

In front of the statue, the comrades revisited the oath of the party, a sentence filled with determination and confidence of the oath echoed in the ear, reminding us not to forget beginner's mind, always remembering the mission. Subsequently, a moment of silence reminded us of those who give their lives for our beautiful today; to think how the revolutionary spirit through their own efforts to continue and inherit.

Finally, all members visited the Zhimin Martyrs Museum, carefully read and listen, deeply moved by his heroic achievements, and determined to make the motherland more prosperous, and people's life better.