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Feilo CPC committee organized documentary watching

Recently, Feilo CPC committee organized all party members to watch full-length documentary “Amazing, my country” to call on mission always keeping on mind.

The documentary, with many spectacular aerial shots, shows the smooth closure of the sinking tunnel of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, and the largest radio telescope in human history: FAST, the world's largest offshore drilling platform, "Blue whale 2nd", "Renaissance" speed train, as long as other shocking scenes and stories

behind. A Chinese super project map to let people constantly applauding!

Members were deeply shocked by the movie, and spontaneously, coming about a strong sense of pride by the prosperity of our country, as General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "People have faith, the nation has power, and the country has hope!", which drives us to further play exemplary role for the company's transformation and development.