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Feilo Acoustics Held 2017 May Fourth Youth Commendation Conference and Youth Ideological Situation M

To commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement and commend the advanced collectives and individuals that had performed outstandingly in the development of enterprise in 2017 and called on the young people to integrate the "May 4th" spirit with Feilo culture in a new era to devote work with a more full-hearted learning attitude and a more enthusiastic work style, with the leadership of the Party Committee and the support of Labor Union, the Youth League Committee of Feilo Acoustics organized "2017 May Fourth Youth Commendation Conference and Youth Ideological Situation Major Research and Quality Development Activity" in Shanghai Oriental Land on April 20th. Tao Weiguo, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Chairman of Labor Union, Wang Shiyuan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, heads of all party organizations and league organization of Feilo Acoustics, commended advanced youth collectives and individuals, as well as representatives of young workers, a total of 50 people attended the meeting.

The commendation conference was opened in the solemn national anthem. Wang Shiyuan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Feilo Acoustics, announced the commendation decisions, awarding Feilo Acoustics "Youth Professionals" to 30 comrades including Chen Xu; awarding Feilo Acoustics "May Fourth Red Flag League Branch" to Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. Youth League general branch and Shanghai Y&L Lighting Co., Ltd. Youth League general branch.

In order to understand and master current ideological dynamics of Feilo youth in depth to effectively provide various services for young people and promote the development and progress of the young people with Feilo Acoustics. The company's Youth League committee focused on the three themes of youth ideology, work, and living conditions, and carried out youth ideology research in the form of e-questionnaires. Four advanced youth representatives made wonderful exchanges combining their own work practice.

Tao Weiguo, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Chairman of Labor Union, expressed his congratulations to the advanced collectives and advanced individuals who had been commended, and put forward three requirements for young employees: First was strengthening ideals and beliefs and be courageous in shouldering the mission of corporate development. The vast majority of young people should be ambitious and broad-minded while being practical and hardworking to exert their talent in struggle and achieve their pursuit of life; second was strengthening learning to improve quality and ability, so as to become a learning-type employee and the backbone of enterprise development; third was being brave in innovating and daring to undertaking, continuously improving the ability to create innovation and efficiency to become the pillars of capable and outstanding. He encouraged everyone to identify and position themselves, work hard and dare to undertake responsibility to connect their growth with and make contributions to enterprise development.

After the meeting, the Youth League committee carefully planned a quality development activity for young employees. This activity not only enhanced the collective conception and teamwork of young workers, but also strengthened their sense of responsibility and win-win benefit, meanwhile, it also allowed everyone to experience aerobic life that was close to nature to release work pressure. Young employees all expressed their desire to forge ahead in all kinds of tasks and to shoulder heavy burdens in order to make contributions to the sustainable development of the company.