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Y&L labor union carried out Arbor Day activity of "greening environment, everyone's responsibility"

In spring, everything is recovering! March 12 is the annual Arbor Day. To mobilize the employees' enthusiasm for work, enhance their cohesion, and further promote the green concept of green maintaining, Y&L Company’s labor union and Communist Youth League general branch organized tree planting festival to beautify the environment and more than 20 volunteers participated.

At the activity site, everyone was enthusiastic. The division of labor was clear. Some carried seedlings, soil and tools; some carefully planted seedlings; some watered "elderly" trees; some removed rubbish from green grass  . . . . . In the spring breeze, a piece of green hope was sown.

Through the activity, all participants expressed willingness to continue to participate in voluntary activities such as building ecological environments, caring for the environment and protecting the environment, to build an even better social community and Y&L family.