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On November 18th, the labor union of Shanghai Feilo Investment Co., Ltd. organized the entire staff to Oriental Oasis in Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District to carry out the autumn team building and outdoor activities. Despite the sudden temperature drop from 15 ℃ to 6 ℃ as a big challenge for outdoor activities, all employees were enthusiastic about participating in the event without being affected by the weather and arrived at Oriental Oasis 8 o'clock in the morning. Under the direction of the coach, employees were divided into five groups for a fun running game. The teams conducted intense competitions and warmed up atmosphere through activities such as "finger-press board relay", "aerial ladder" and "tearing-out name sticker". As the chill quickly driven away, the venue gradually got heated up in everyone's cheers. W hile activities in the morning took place indoor due to the strong wind, the weather became better after lunch. So the team had a thrilling dragon boat race. This activity was the new to everyone. 10 people for a dragon boat, so fully cooperation was required for moving the boat forward. In the beginning, almost all the boats could not move forward and get deviated from the right direction. However, our people did not give up and each team worked as unity. By tactics such as slogans and helm handling all the teams quickly got into the right direction. The five dragon boats rode the wind and waves and teams were kept high spirits.

In this activity, everyone gave their own advantages to full play and smoothly

completed many seemingly impossible tasks. Perseverance, concerted efforts, passion and trust all contributed to the process. At the same time, everyone in the team actively shared their opinions and discussed with other members, so that everyone's personality and ability had been greatly utilized, reaching the goal of one plus one being greater than two.

Through this activity, not only did everyone exercise their stamina and willpower, but also strengthened the cohesion and solidarity of this large team. We further deepened our understanding of responsibility and teamwork, and believed that as long as we are united and courageously advancing, we can overcome any difficulties. At the same time, at this very busy end of year, a warm and joyful outdoor activity would enable us to get close to nature and release our pressure, so we can get to the work of the last month in 2017 with a more positive attitude and high spirit.