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Company's Care Sent Cool Summer

The summer is comming, continous hot days of summer test every frontline staff of Jiangsu Yaming. August 13,Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. Party secretary Xiang Min, deputy general manager,Ye Pan, Zhuang Shenzhi,Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, the union president Tao Weiguo and other leaders to Jiangsu Yaming staff sent a cool summer and the leadership of the company's care. General manager of Jiangsu Yaming Mr.Zhuang Honghua also added to the company to give a "cool" activities.

Leaders provide every employee those who fight at a high temperature a cool pack. Employees get a towel, after drinks have said that in the summer heat, although felt oppressed by the heat, the company was able to feel the care and government leaders sent coolness, and guarantee will be full of enthusiasm into the work which ensure the quality and quantity of orders for the company, for the development and expansion of Feilo Acoustics make its own contribution.