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Feilo Acoustics Held 2017 May Fourth Youth Commendation Conference and Youth Ideological Situation M[2018-04-20]

Abstract:To commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement and commend the advanced collectives and....


Shandong Yaming held revolution memorial studying activity[2018-04-13]

Abstract:April 3, 2018, the event of the tomb-sweeping day, Shandong Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. CPC....


Remembering the mission of the Martyrs ----Jiangxi Shen An Yaming and county government CPC branch [2018-04-03]

Abstract:In memory of the revolutionary martyrs, on April 3, on the occasion of tomb-sweeping, Jiangxi Shen A....


Jiangxi Base representing economic development zone joined Jinxian County CPC knowledge Competition[2018-03-29]

Abstract:To further study and implement the 19th CPC National Congress spirit and Xi Jinping's new era social....


Feilo CPC committee organized documentary watching[2018-03-23]

Abstract:Recently, Feilo CPC committee organized all party members to watch full-length documentary “Amazing,....


Y&L labor union carried out Arbor Day activity of "greening environment, everyone's responsibility"[2018-03-12]

Abstract:In spring, everything is recovering! March 12 is the annual Arbor Day. To mobilize the employees' en....


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