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彭赵村民患重病 亚明党员献爱心Zhaopeng villager have series sick, YAMING party member delicate to their warm heart care.


Fenglijuan, the villager of Pengzhao village ,who unfortunately suffering from life-threatening serious liver disease in the earlier of last year.  Fortunately, was looking for the matching source of liver transplant. But huge costs make this poor family upon heavy debt.


On November 9, Shanghai television news channel program "love action" reported the Fenglijuan’s situation , people in the society all donation to her.


When Yaming party committee got the news, they make a decision, Pengzhao village is our help union, we should take care of them and help them.


In the afternoon of 18th of November ,  The vice secretary of party committee, secretary of committee for discipline inspection , chairman of labor union Xiangmin  lead part of party member from YAMING to go home of fenglijuan look at her, and do the donation to her.


We give her love, we got appreciate back. her families thanks to Yaming and send yaming a banner in 20th of November.


We hope Fenglijuan will get better health in the future.