Product information


Road lighting series 道路照明系列

LED Street light ZD517 DC(V2)


- Elegant streamline design to reduce the air resistance.

-Space between the modules to form air convection,better for heatsink,ensure the long life of the fixture

- Easy replacement of LED modules,convenient maintenance 

- LED common modules,can be used in accordance with the Shanghai road standard module for seamless replacement 

-Fixture with rotatable design and adjustable angles,can be adapted to various installation standards

-Power supply of constant current ,high power factor >95%.

-Using lens to avoid dust,High optical efficiency 

-Using Silicone rubber to maintain good flexibility and weather resistance under UV.

-Eco-friendly:no UV rays, no Hg,no harmful substances to the environment


-City arterial road,sub arterial road,branch,expressway,business zone,industrial zone,parking areas and etc