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With 2015 revenue over 5.07 billion yuan and this 1Q revenue increased by 129.88%, how does Feilo ac

At the just-concluded 21st Guangzhou International lighting exhibition, the lighting field "leader"- Feilo with a "light aircraft carrier" have the stunning debut. What makes the views exhibitors praise is that in the exhibition, Feilo not only won 384 square meters of booth in one fell swoop, the exhibition hall pavilion has lofty and glorious styling , also carry the company’s  two big "Centennial brand"----"China Asia brand" and  the latest results exhibition of the international brand " Sylvania" that sweep Europe, and has finely displayed the road lighting, and industrial lighting, and landscape lighting, intelligent home lighting and wisdom Park Garden lamp and other  international advanced high-grade products. There is no doubt that the aggressiveness of "leader" and "wonder" of products make Feilo became a Center for the whole exhibition, and its charm index continued to rise.

In 2015, it realized double earning

In “the market cold winter” filling the air of the LED illumination decorative lighting profession of the 2015, Feilo realized the business gross income 5,071,810,000 Yuan, grows 138% for the same ratio, met the net profit 376,130,000 Yuan, grow 482% compared with the same time last year; But in 2014, Feilo reached business gross income 2,134,150,000 Yuan and the net profit 64,630,000 Yuan.

Compared with this group of data, we may see: In 2015, Feilo overall achievement double more than one time than that in 2014, and has completed approximately 5 times of profit growths. The good results are extremely rare in the development course of Feilo, even in the entire Chinese illumination history.

Here to cast a net, where to harvest", it is understood, that from 2009, Feilo had stripped almost all the business except Yamin, gradually contractor exited non-advantage major works, focuing on developing green lighting industry; In 2014, facing constantly changes of external development environment, Feilo insisted "to green lighting as main works" of development strategy, to take mental state, through issuing stock and paying cash way to successfully purchase 100% equity of Beijing Shenan Investment group, had expanded green lighting industry chain; In 2015, Feilo adjusted the whole development strategy, and had proposed "international, brand, capital" three big strategies, focused on  green lighting industry of development, as to take listed company as platform, to take brand as carrier, to build brand management system-oriented customer, sales system, and business planning system, to inherit centennial integrity, and keep the technology as leading role.

In 2015, while Feilo paid special attention to the illumination channel product sale, the domestic sales gradually transform to engineering project and solution reforming.

Through a year of endeavor, in 2015, the lighting engineering sale income had brokethrough 3,000,000,000 Yuan, and realized the channel sale and lighting engineering project developing simultaneously. The Feilo also transformed from “the illumination component product manufacturer” to“ the modern ministrant manufacture enterprise”, reforming those provides the whole illumination solution.

At the same time, Feilo also took the way of cash offer to purchase the Sylvania 80% stockholder's rights, Feilo GM Zhuang Shenan once expressed, through the cross-border mergers and acquisitions transaction, Feilo has Sylvania, Lumiance and the Concord the three big whole world first-class illumination brands, and has widespread layouts in the global 48 country, with the good and reliable local operation team, the customer relations as well as the sales network, marketing channel and the production base, which promotes the brand influence of Feilo, opens up the market marketing channel and promote productivity, enables Feilo further to become multiplex, and the globalization illumination enterprise.

In 2016, it has target revenue of 7 billion Yuan.

Into 2016, Feilo performs still well, in addition to the "big top" of "light aircraft carrier" amazing International Guangzhou Lighting Expo, it released its “report on the first quarter of performance in 2016. It is reported that the Feilo operating income in first quarter was 1,588,325,612.64, and increased by 129.88% over the same period in 2015. With increasingly fierce competition, Feilo performs well, also shows the industry with development expectation in 2016.

According to the Feilo vice GM GaoWenlin, in 2016, Feilo will continue its mergers and acquisitions strategy, with an open mind to find suitable mergers and acquisitions objects, to perform Feilo’s green lighting industry bigger and stronger.

In 2016, the operation target of Feilo is 7 billion Yuan of main business income. To realize this extremely challenging strategic target, Feilo based on the fusion of Yaming and Shenan in 2015, it continues to take the “brand, international, capital” as three service strategy. At the same time, Feilo will further advance the international strategy, and further fuse, reform, innovate and optimize, to form the new “internationalization” strategic pattern and operation system.

Feilo vice GM GaoWenlin indicates that, in the organization skeleton adjustment, Feilo abolished the partial centers, through setting up the legal person entity independent operation way, to realize substantialization management, enabled its transform from cost-oriented into profit-oriented, increasing enterprise’s whole profit ability, meanwhile simultaneously according to domestic region division to carry on regionalizing management of 10 big bases; In the channel layout, it develops the overseas service with steady steps, establishing the foreign investment management frame system to promote the coordination effect. 2016 is Feilo’s important year of stepping out the internationalization step after mergering Sylvania group, through carrying out overseas engineering project and deepening overseas sales channel ways, to develop overseas business stably.

In speeding up intelligent control lighting products layout field, Feilo achieves channel and project simultaneously, and will continues intelligent Street products as for hand, to speed up industry chain layout of the intelligent lighting products; it also actively fosters and develops new business mode and new business application, while introducing value-added business, joint investment and the gain sharing etc. other business models , to extend intelligent lighting products’ profit mode and space.

In 2016,Feilo will continue to catch "channel sales" and "lighting project" two big sales model, implement the channel and project simultaneously, to complete the goals of transforming "simple lighting products manufacturer" to” modern service-oriented manufacturing enterprise" of providing” overall lighting solutions”.

Next, it wants to be "giant of the world smart lighting "

As a "brand" with both "strength" and "glamour", Feilo not only had created many "legends" in traditional lighting times, its "passion and pace" in LED lighting era as well as the remarkable performance, also makes it as the sustained focus in the industry.

After 2015 year’s deep fusion, Feilo has gradually through the integration of products and services to achieve decentralized manufacturing resources integration and highly collaboration of core competence, as well as achieving efficient innovation in manufacturing. Now Feilo has near 800,000 square meters of 10 big development production bases nationally and a national technology center; and with a centurial famous brand "Asia brand" leading, it became nationally widest layout lighting industry enterprise and strongest national brand leading enterprise. Regardless of is unparalleled congenital advantage, or amazing acquired efforts, as well as the widely concern and good expectation from the industry, these all demonstrate great future prospects of what Feilo can be expectable.

Feilo believes that in the future, it will speed up the development of lighting application products and market exploitation. By shifting the traditional lighting to the low-carbon green LED lighting as soon as possible, the enterprise will develop smart lighting based on a business platform of smart city and keep the gripper of smart street light network, to expand business scopes and channels. Feilo will also timely facilitate mergers and acquisitions in implementation of the three great strategies of "brand, international, capital ", which will further speed up the internationalization strategic layout.

“Being China’s first, world’s first-class smart lighting giant is what Feilo has always thought about. In the future, relying on the the three great strategies, Feilo will build the “Ya” brand into a world-class famous brand. With the solid strength of the brand, Feilo will cooperative with wide partners by using "the Asia-brand" series of LED green lighting products to light up the whole world, so as to strive to become the most influential overall lighting solution provider in future, and with a new look to display of the brand image of a public environment lighting expert to the public.” For future planning and layout, Feilo vice GM GaoWenlin said with great confidence.