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The No.1 Blackhorse Stock in LED Lighting Industry: Analysis on Feilo Acoustics’ Global Layout Again

OFweek semiconductor lighting website says: Feilo Acoustics released the performance forecast on the late January 12th, 2016, and forecast that the annual net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies compared with last year, will increase by about 500% over the same period last year, which is 6462.78 million. The news pushed the stock's recent contrarian rise, three-day cumulative increase reaching more than 25%, and was once considered the 2016 No.1 Blackhorse Stock. Although Feilo Acoustics fell a little on January 21th, 2016, concern remains high.

Among them, on 18 January, 2016, margin information displays, the financing balance of Feilo Acoustics 650,541,161 CNY, margin balance 108,230 CNY, 193,397,174 CNY financing to buy the amount of financing, to repay the amount of 150,524,241 CNY, net financing to buy the amount of 42,872,933 CNY, trading margin 7,900 shares, the amount of margin selling shares 0, 0 margin to repay the amount of shares.

Feilo Acoustics’ announcement said that the growth performance reasons include: Beijing Shen’an Investment Group Limited is in the consolidated statements ever since December 31th, 2014; lighting engineering business has been developed rapidly in 2015, resulting in sales revenue and the company's main business profit increased significantly compared with the same period last year, completing the early 5 billion CNY of development challenge goal; substantial growth of 2015 annual results of Huaxin Securities Co., Ltd. We have 24% shares, resulted in investment income over the same period a relatively large increase.

Hereby let us recall the 2015 Feilo Acoustics footprint, in the ‘THE BELT AND ROAD’, it is not difficult to find layout overseas has become the main theme of Feilo Acoustics, which appears that the Blackhorse can be described as full of charm.


On January 29, 2015, the wholly owned subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics, Beijing Shen’an Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed the "Sino-French Joint Promoting French Energy-saving Green Lighting Agreement” with French ARELIS Group, and French Meuse Province in Beijing People’s Great Hall. Among them, Beijing Shen’an Investment Group Co., Ltd. plans to invest 100 million euros to build LED production plant and research center in French Meuse; since March 2015, French Meuse will coordinated with French government to construct 20 cities within 5 years by meas of EMC(Energy Management Contracting) investment model to have energy-saving lighting and city lighting and landscaping construction, and it plans a total investment of 3 billion euros.


On May 20, 2015, Feilo Acoustics signed a "statement of intent" with the representatives of Hungary KABA Zrt in Budapest. and its main contents are as follows: Feilo Acoustics Company and KABA Zrt signed the agreement, and both sides indicated that they will work together to promote the products in Hungary and even in the whole European DIY sector. This cooperation is not only related to the client (such as warehousing, transportation and any other back office, etc.) for the picking process, and may involve integration with other services. According to a long-term plan, the two sides should be committed to promote products to at least 3000 different European shops.

On May 21, 2015, Feilo Acoustics signed a “statement of cooperate” with the representative of Hungary OKOstore, Zaltan Zelnik in Budapest. Its main contents include: In view of the Hungarian tender, especially to see the opportunity for cooperation on energy-saving LED lights tender, OKOstore Ltd plans to participate in the tender. OKOstore Ltd. committed: all successful products are purchased from Feilo Acoustics.

It is said, OKOstore Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, initiated by Zaltan Zelnik, and it employs more than 5,000 people. The company's target customers are wholesalers, supermarkets, online shops and projects. According to estimation of OKOstore Ltd.,  it will take place in more than 100 cities and regions with respect to the transformation of energy-saving lighting, implemented by the Government’s lighting installation company, expecting demand for approximately 350,000 LED lights.


On June 20, 2015, Feilo Acoustics and CLD (Consladel-Brasiluz-Trópico) Group signed a “The Agreement of Brazilian City Road lighting Retrofitting Brazil”, and signed a “Letter of Intent” with LINA Technology Soulutions Group(LINA SOLU??ES TECNOLóGICAS).

It is known, CLD Group has carried out advanced services in more than a dozen cities in Brazil, and has in-depth market research of lighting retrofitting in more than a dozen cities and has been providing lighting engineering services for these cities and have good business relations. In the next six months, CLD group will assist Yaming company to undertake road lighting retrofit projects in these cities, expected to be about 450,000 set of street lights.

LINA Group is currently in the federal units to carry out advanced services, in addition to other projects, a total of about 860,000 set of street lights. Yaming company already has the necessary products and investment, and will actively participate in the Brazilian city road lighting retrofit projects.


On July 21, 2015, Feilo Acoustics company had the meeting, and passed the company to send its issued on-binding letter of acquiring Osram lighting business, and authorized the company's management to lead the preparatory work and the next transaction. The company formally presented the non-binding letter of purchasing Osram lighting business to Germany Osram on July 22th, 2015. The company also hired the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as: HSBC) as the sole financial advisor to the acquisition of International Osram lighting business projects. In December, the company and HSBC signed the "termination of appointment letter", and  HSBC no longer serves as the company exclusive international financial advisor to acquire Osram lighting business projects.

United States, Chile, Brazil, Thailand

On December 10, 2015, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. announced the acquisition of Sylvania (SYLVANIA) International Lighting Group. The chairen of Feilo Acoustics, Xiaoqing Cai said the acquisition marks Feilo Acoustics succeeded in taking the first step of overseas mergers and acquisitions.

It is said that Feilo Acoustics acquired a 80% stake of Sylvania Group. The general manager of Feilo Acoustics, Shen’an Zhuang said Feilo Acoustics will bring Sylvania Group a series of highly competitive lighting portfolio, to further expand the depth and breadth of local product applications, bring faster growth and higher profit margins. Cai Xiaoqing said the acquisition marks the first successful step of Feilo Acoustics overseas mergers and acquisitions, and also actively promote three major strategies "Brand, International Capital" of Feilo Acoustics, which is the important strategic initiatives the implementation of international integration of resources.

In this transaction, the two party is proposed to establish two special purpose vehicle in the agreed areas by Feilo Acoustics (ie "SPV1 Group" and "SPV2 Group"). Wherein, SPV1 Group will acquire 100% of the shares of US company and 100% of the shares of Chile’s company; SPV2 Group will acquire 100% stake of Thailand company and 100% of the shares of Brazilian company; and stripping entity owed to related parties of up to 3,580.70 million euros, and to ensure the implementation of post-divestiture shareholders' equity comprehensive not greater than 0 of SPV1 Group and SPV2.

Middle East

On October 6, 2015, at 2016 Middle East International Ligthing Fair held in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, The affiliated company of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd 's products have successful debut at the show. The general manager, Shen’an Zhuang in person sits, to open up the Middle East market for publicizing the Yaming brand products. Booth has launched many high-quality products and the most advanced lighting technology to meet the needs of the region , having gotten the recognition of many exhibition guests.

At 1:30 pm in local time in Dubai, Sheikh Khalid Al Hamed, the major of Khalid AL Hamed Group company visited Yaming booth. He has the cordial conversation with Shen’an Zhuang, the general manager of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, and carefully watched the exhibition of various products. He highly appreciated Yaming products. As the only authorized Abu Dhabi and Al Ain exclusive distributor of Dubai Yaming, Sheikh Khalid Al Hamed said: he was very pleased to attend today's Middle East lighting Fair, the world leaders in the field of lighting performs their products and their brands. and in many aspects , Yaming are obviously better, and has the ability to provide more support in major projects in the UAE.

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Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. was founded on November 18, 1984. It is China's first joint-stock company. On November 14, 1986, Xiaoping Deng, chief architect of China's reform and opening up gave the stock of Feilo Acoustics as a gift to John J. Phelan, Jr., the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange when he visited. "Feilo Acousticsl" has then been loaded in the annals of China’s the shareholding reform.

As the company have been expanding, the share capital from 50 million shares of its inception to 2004, has been expanded to 42,417 million shares. The company's main business income reached 10.2 billion yuan, and its net assets is nearly 800 million. The company is a diversified industrial company composed of green lighting industry, IC card industry, electronics industry, computer systems integration and software development, and its products have been exported to over 40 countries and regions. It has established a good partnership with international RENESAS, Philips, Osram, Canon, Hitachi, Pioneer, Sony and other famous enterprises.