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"Run, Yaming!" --Henan Yaming organized "Run , Yaming!" Large-scale activity

On September 13, accompanied by a strong flavor of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. organized a "Run, Yaming!" Large-scale activity, a total of 52 people attended the event, staged a Wonderful visual feast.

At 13:30, to participate the activities, all the staff gathered in the first floor lobby, all have been unable to contain excitement, discussing, gesticulating, demonstrating the game rules and countermeasures.

The first game is "grab stool" link, the goal is to test our flexibility and reaction speed. 15 member of red and blue team divided into three rounds, each round five people. After a fierce "battle", the Red team won the championship of the first round ,with the score of 2: 1.

The second game named "you gesticulate, I guess", the main consideration is to test the degree of understanding and cooperation of the partners. Two people of each team participate in the competition, the participants standed on the toe plate to maintain the state of motion and can not stop, one of them see the words to gestures, the other according to gestures guess words, the whole scene was funny and tense, Finally, in equal time Blue team win perfectly with two more words.   Subsequently, Henan Yaming the first term-tear brand activities began. Just less than ten minutes, the red team with the aggressive elimination eliminated three players of blue team, while the blue team also tear up a red team player. Soon afterwards, the blue team using guerrilla tactics, separated action to find undercover clues, and the red team break all the tactics of the group, again and again to tear up the blue team members, the advantages of gradually expanding. An hour later, the blue team loss many members, but this time the red team is unexpected find a special ability to resurrection card, all the members revive. Along with the clues increase, undercover gradually emerge, and ultimately the red team firmly in control of the war situation, and get the champion.

The "Run, Yaming!" activity is intense but fannuy, obtain unanimous recognition of all the employees, not only enrich the company employees spare time, but also let they deeply appreciate the importance of teamwork.