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Stand together regardless of disaster, love is in Tianmen --HubeiI Shenan Yaming cared for affected

In september 2016, at 8:00 pm, the disaster relief variety show " Stand together regardless of disaster, love is in Tianmen " has holded in the Tianmen Theater, all the organs and enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, community masses, volunteers and other social personnel, nearly two thousand People of the whole city participated it, Hubei Shen Yaming were invited to participate in the party as an advanced enterprise representative.

The party was sponsored direct by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Tianmen Municipal Committee, was co-organized by Tianmen Style and Culture Bureau, Tianmen Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Charity Federation, the Municipal Red Cross, the Municipal Office, the Municipal Commission of Science and Industry, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Television, Tianmen daily newspaper.

In July of this year, Tianmen City suffered a great historical flood disaster. The main features are 'five super-historical': the rainfall exceeds the history, the water level of the rivers and lakes is higher than the historical level, the high water level lasts for a long time, the disaster is serious over the history, flood control and flood control Disaster relief investment over the history. Caused by long-term high water level floods, small and medium-sized rivers in Tianmen were overflowed, a number of embankments overflowing fallded into danger, many yard of the resident were broken, the disaster is very serious, the city's emergency relocated population 60,435, created 25 centralized resettlement, centralized resettlement population 6233, scattered resettlement population 54202, direct economic losses 5.966 billion.

Tianmen held " Stand together regardless of disaster, love is in Tianmen" relief show, was main to carry forward the spirit of P Plus support, the spirit of cohesion forces to support the reconstruction of the masses of the affected areas, as soon as possible to restore normal production and living order. One part in trouble, P Plus support. Since the disaster, the community spontaneously set off to the disaster area to donate the upsurge, trickle of love continue to flock to the disaster area. Hubei Shenan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. donated 1,000,000 yuan, with their own strength, warm the people in disaster areas. According to statistics, the party raised a total of 35.61 million yuan donations.

Love is still extending ...