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Hubei Shenan Yaming Conveyed Sympathy to the Staff in the Activity of “Cool Offer”

Hubei has been maintaining high temperature since July, with daily maximum temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius. To improve the staff’s motivation and ensure their physical and mental health, the company’s labor union recently launched 2016 “cool offer” to convey sympathy to the staff. In this activity, radix isatidis, huoxiang zhengqi liquid, essential balm, medicine and other heatstroke prevention items were sent to the staff of project department, production department and other departments.

To achieve a good result, the company made detailed deployment: first, organize special arrangements. The company held “cool offer” kick-off meeting, requiring personnel at all levels to fully understand the importance of safety production and heatstroke prevention in summer, take positive action, innovate job measures and earnestly carry out the activity; second, conduct strict supervision and inspection. The company required the safety board to strengthen supervision and inspection of implementation status of "safety production", and in the spirit of being highly responsible for safety, health of front-line staff, intensify hidden danger identification, implement sunstroke prevention for front-line staff; third, give out supplies orderly. The company required the labor union to carefully choose radix isatidis, huoxiang zhengqi liquid, essential balm and medicine, form a sympathy group led by the labor union leaders, go deep into the front line of production and construction since August, send necessary supplies and medicines for heatstroke prevention to the staff so that coolness and care would be conveyed to the grassroots level. Wherever they went, the group would have a detailed understanding of the staff’s production, construction, living conditions, inquire about their physical condition, listen carefully to their voices, ask the front-line staff to pay attention to rest, prevent heat stroke, properly regulate the working hours in hot weather, and meanwhile, repeatedly demand the back office to do a good job in material support.

In recent years, to effectively protect health and personal safety of the staff in the production and construction process during the high temperature, maintain normal production and operation order and staff stability, the company’s labor union solves problems for the staff in various ways, insist on annual “cool offer” activity to convey care to front-line staff and encourage them to engage in production and management work always with full passion and extraordinary enthusiasm.