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Investigation by Tian Dazhong, Member of Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Nanchang, of Jiangxi

On 17th of April, Tian Dazhong, member of Municipal Committee and vice mayor of Nanchang, went to Jiangxi Shen’an to do the investigation accompanied by Wan Kai, county party secretary, Wan Xiaoming, Chairman of County Congress, and Qian Heping, President of County CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference).

With the company of Zhuang Shenzhi, vice president of Shen’an Group, and Zhuang Dawei, general manager of Jiangxi Shen’an, the group of Tian visited the office hall, R&D center, display hall of lighting and manufacturing shop. The vice mayor listened carefully to the report of the general manager and learned all the aspects of the company, especially the current situation of LED industry. Tian Dazhong said that the Municipal Committee and the government of Nanchang would spare no efforts to support Jiangxi Shen’an in its implementation of LED lighting project of high luminance in the county of Jinxian and would require the county committee and county government to offer follow-up service for the project invested by Jiangxi Shen’an.

The vice president of Shen’an Group Zhuang Shenzhi expressed welcome to Tian Dazhong and expressed gratitude to the huge support of the county of Jinxian.