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GM Mr. Zhuang Shen'an visited the production bases of He'nan, Jiangxi and Hubei

First stop: He'nan

On the afternoon of July 4th 2016, the General Manager of Feilo Acoustics Co., LTD. Mr. Zhuang Shen'an, together with the Party Committee Secretary Mrs. Xiang Min, the Vice President Mr. Xie Shengjun and two other members of the company inspected the production base of He'nan, the Party secretary of Yanshi city Mr. Song Yilin and the Mayor Mr. Li Lingmin came to receive the group upon invitation. Accompanied by Mr. Gao Wenlin, the General Manager of He'nan production base, the group visited the new office of the company, the paster workshop, the European style oval conference room, the light language presentation hall, the street lighting and mobile lighting show room, and the smart home landscape lighting hall etc. The elegant architecture style, the beautiful and fresh factory environment received high praise of all the leaders.

Mr. Zhuang firstly introduced the history and status quo of the company, and then seriously added that " as one member of the company, it's our honor to be able to live and work in such good environment; the prosperity of the company depends on the contribution of every and each of you, so we need to fight hard to go forward!" Meanwhile, Mr. Zhuang has had high expectations of He'nan production base; it's the first production base that he visited: the starting point of He'nan base is high, which is quite awesome, so the later period development should be fast as well in order to render itself a real model production base.

Mrs. Xiang said that the hospital staff of He'nan production base and their consideration left a deep impression on her; the beautiful and elegant environment of the production base is unforgettable. The He'nan production base contributed a lot and hence will receive a worthwhile payback, it should make more efforts in order to see more glorious days.

Everyone at the production base felt very honored that Mr. Zhuang and Mrs. Xiang also the whole group could pay them a visit during their very busy days to inspect the He'nan production base and deliver speeches to the whole staff. We believe under the leadership of Mr. Gao and with the concerted efforts of all the staff, He'nan Yaming could fulfill its mission of making a model production base.

Second stop: Jiangxi production base

On July 7th 2016, the General Manager of Feilo Acoustics. Co., LTD. Mr. Zhuang Shen'an arrived at Jiangxi Shen'an Yaming photoelectricity technology Co., LTD. to inspect the production base and give certain guidance.

Firstly, Mr. Zhuang Shen'an held a forum with all the staff in Jiangxi Shen'an in order to know the operation situation of Jiangxi production base and the state of the employees. At the forum, Mr. Zhuang Shen'an indicated that, Jiangxi Shen'an is one of the key subsidiaries invested by Beijing Shen'an Investment Group in 2011 to settle down in Jiangxi after half year's inspection. After five years' management, this company prospered well, and the employees have progressed well too in terms of quality, quantity, and spiritual state. In the recent 2 years, the Shen'an Group has had earth-shaking changes during its development, while in this moment of plough through, Jiangxi Shen'an can stay firm and catch up, achieve a good result in the fusion year and growing year of Feilo Acoustics, this is the outcome of joint efforts made by all the staff. For this, the group headquarter has given credit to the achievements of Jiangxi production base. Meanwhile, the headquarter hope that the employees shall not become dizzy with the success, nor discouraged by the defeat, but regard the success as a drive force and make better contribution to the company on the basis of self-image improvement, in order to win out in the company production and management system reform.

Afterwards, Mr. Zhuang Shen'an met with relevant leaders of Jin Xian county, and sent his deep gratitude for their help during the development of Jiangxi Shen'an; he has also made a long term plan for future development of the company. At last, accompanied by the company executives of Jiangxi Shen'an, the group visited the project of "one river-two banks" lighting show which Jiangxi Shen'an has taken part in, and given high credit to the construction effect of the project.

The Third Stop: Hubei Base

More than 10 days of continuous heavy rain raised the rivers in Jianghan Plain, and increased the pressure of flood control. The leadership of Feilo Acoustics paid attention to the disaster and security of Hubei Base.

embrace sunshine. Feilo Acoustics General Manager Mr Zhuang Shenan, lead the Company Deputy Manager/General Manager of Shenan Group Xie Shengjun, as well as Assistant General Manager/ Director of the Executive Office Zhu hua visited Hubei Base, to inspect and guide reconstruction as well as production safety.

On July 8, has just experienced a flood of Jing-Chu area, finally returning to

General Manager came to Tianmen, ignored the tired journey, standing in the heat, entered into the second-phase construction site of Hubei Base, as well as its production workshops, warehouse stores, lighting showrooms, etc. They tried to understand the situation in detail, to observe flood damage of the company, brought the support from Feilo Acoustics leadership. They brought warm to Hubei worker as well as a great deal of confidence.

Manager Zhuang had a meeting with the staff in Hubei Base. When facing the staff in Hubei base, Deputy General Manager of Feilo Acoustics /General Manager of Shenan Group Xie Shengjun was very excited. By that time, he said that Jing-Chu Hinterland had suffered strong rainfall which situation was even more serious than that in 1998. But this problem cannot block achievement of Hubei base: after consistent efforts of all Hubei elite, they finally won the bid of Jingmen Street Project which subject matter is near 20 million Yuan. They won this big engineering bid through normal enrollment bid program which was not an easy thing in current environment. Under the background that undercapitalize of national investment scale, Hubei Base got the project funds from national support, and this should be congratulated. Especially Comrade Jiang Zhiguo of the Design Department was gravely ill and urgent for medical fee, the enthusiastic donations reflects the strong cohesive force and combat effectiveness as well as solidarity.

The General Manager Zhuang Shenan focus on the development of Hubei Base in Hubei province. He highly praised the work of Hubei Base, all cadres and workers of Hubei Base, in the face of disaster, the whole team put their heart and mind into one thing as well as made effort to it. These reflected a strong combat effectiveness of the company. Personnel and state property did not suffer any loss when disaster coming, as well as safety production was still in an orderly manner. He was particularly pleased about this. He stressed that we should always put the safety in the first place when make efforts of recovery in the future production of Hubei Base.

General Manager Zhuang combined the current international and domestic market situation, gave an in-depth analysis of the trend of Feilo Acoustics which around the "capitalization, collectivize, internationalization," as the company's development strategy. By innovation and advance with the times, to achieve companies, groups, employees triple-win of the three parties.

Director of Executive Office/Assistant General Manager Zhu Hua also gave a warm speech. She fully affirmed the achievements of the Hubei Base and expressed care and support of Feilo Acoustics. Caring from leadership for the staff in Hubei base gave out a lot of encouragement; Hubei base employees got a great deal of confidence in General Manager's speech. Employees eager to speak, they said they should carry forward the spirit of flood relief, our indomitable style, work forward for Hubei Base, and strive to achieve big results.

Professionalism training in HENAN Yaming

In order to improve staff profession of HENAN Base and to enhance staff loyalty spirit. On July 15th,  we had carried out one training with the theme of "improving personal  profession",all  the company staff participating in it in Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

This training mode is principely based on video and communication. Professor explained the meaning of professionalism from professional image, professional ethics, professional skills, professional attitude, professional ethics.And by a series of work and life in the common case so that we felt the importance of service,each employee listened carefully, write it on  heart.

The theme of training had been divided into 6 small sections, Henan Yaming will continue to arrange a reasonable time to make a full course training.We  believed that in the future work employees will be more  professional, take a correct attitude towards work, focus on daily work responsibly, increase in personal and profession gradually so as to create a win-win situation.