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Jiangxi Shenan Successfully Renewed Construction Enterprise Qualifications of Jiangxi province

According to the qualification of construction enterprises, contrast with the Qualification permission in (Province construction approval [2015] No.73) file from Jiangxi Provincial Department of construction. Holding the old version of the construction enterprise qualification certificates should be different to the licensing authority for a one-time renewal application.

Jiangxi Shenan YaMing Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD was officially made in August 2013 in Jiangxi Province, the construction of two professional qualifications. With the qualification authority, Jiangxi Shenan can undertake all kinds of city square, road, building facades, public green space and other lighting engineering. The individual contract amount does not exceed 5 times the registered capital of the enterprise 10kV and below.

Construction enterprise qualification certificate is a very strong policy, tight time and large caseload work which all localities and departments attach great importance to, to strengthen internal management, organization and implementation, also for reasonable arrangement of work schedule, to effectively improve work efficiency and service levels, as to ensure the smooth progress of the replacement work. So in response to national policy and strengthen the work of government and enterprises, Jiangxi Shenan change the certificate at the first time.