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Feilo Independent Directors and Leaders Visited Jiangxi Base for Observance and Guidance

On May 26th, Feilo independent Director Li Jun, Wei Yi, Chairman Liu Shengping and leaders of Shanghai visited Jiangxi ShenanYaming Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. for observance and guidance.

After listening to the development report of Jiangxi ShenanYaming Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., Independent Director and leaders of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics pointed that, in the year after going public, the company took a series of measures to speed up its internal integrations and strengthen its internal control and management, which continuously improved the company's management level, promoted its amalgamation, integration and business restructuring after the recombination. During the meeting, the Independent Director pointed once again that management of the company should actively make the annual business plan and focus on the implementation of important work processes, determine periodic objectives and implementation plans to achieve the company's rapid development. The management of Jiangxi ShenanYaming gave high attention to this and demonstrated to strengthen the efforts in this aspect in later work.