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Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. Founded

On morning of June 23rd, 2016, the opening ceremony of Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. was solemnly held in the R & D hall on the first floor. Leaders of Yanshi City, leaders of industry clusters of Yuetan Town, and leaders of cooperation enterprises attended the ceremony as special guests. All gathered in Yaming ,Henan to witness his great historical moment!

At 11:19, the sounds of firecrackers preluded the opening ceremony. Guests, with the GM Gao Wenlin at front, walked slowly on the soft red carpet to the ceremony stage, accompanied by the song of the company—Successful Forever.

The GM Gao Wenlin remarked that Henan Yaming was thankful for all people’s care and help in the past two and a half years when Yaming was in ups and downs. We will work with full enthusiasm to complete green lighting project, to light up Yanshi City, to light up Henan Province and to light up more places with our high-end products. Subsequently, the GM Zhang Jianwei of the North River New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. represented the cooperation enterprises to make a speech to congratulate Henan Yaming’s opening, to show their willing to cooperate with Henan Yaming in a long term, and to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation. Both sides should take all their joint strength to make as more as contributions to the society.

In cheerful atmosphere with continuous applause, Che Zhaoxuan , the Party Committee member of Yanshi City announced the opening. The Yanshi Municipal Party Committee secretary Song Yilin, the Mayor Li Lingmin and the GM of Henan Yaming Gao Wenlin pressed the opening starter together. The shining character of "Ya" brightened little by little and corlorful flowers danced in the air!

Subsequently, the GM showed guests around the company's SMT workshop, the light language exhibition hall, road and car lighting showrooms, smart home furnishing and landscape lighting exhibition hall etc. and all of guests highly recognized and praised the company.

The opening ceremony of Henan Yaming has come to a successful conclusion. It’s believed that there will be continuous orders, continuous production and continuous performances. All staffs will work together to create the aircraft carrier base of green lighting industry!