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Shangdong Manufacturing Base Abounds in Work Passion Despite Intense Summer Heat

Despite increasingly intense summer heat since August, in Shandong Base extraordinary performance and exuberant passion for work are growing continuously. 2015 saw the rapid growth and substantial development of Shandong Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. With strong support from leaders of each level in the group, Shandong Base, by virtue of its remarkable technology strength and market-developing capacity, won the contract of Smart City Lighting Project in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. With a total value of 380 million RMB, this was the largest project since the establishment of the company. Afterwards, Shandong Base won several large-scale lighting projects for cities in Shanxi Province. 


Each project was set in motion in succession since July.   Constantly occupied with production orders, staff of the base were determined to deliver and work around the clock without any complaints. During the process, focusing on detect problems, find solutions, decrease substandard goods, and increase efficiency, production workshop conducted many panel discussions on problems arising out of production and actively searched for schemes to secure capacity and boost efficiency so as to deliver products on time with both good quality and right quantity. 

Meanwhile, construction site was in good order with progress. On August 20th, leaders of Shandong Base Office, together with leaders from Human Resource Department and Finance Department visited the construction site of Zaozhuang Project and brought staff working in forefront food, drinks and heatstroke preventatives in person and conveyed greetings and good wishes to them. Leaders of the Base asked employees working on-site about their work and life, and expressed gratitude to workers for their dedicated efforts to the company and reemphasized the significance of a delicate balance between hard work and construction safety and rest, i.e. have healthy schedule and diet, take precaution of heat stroke and avoid working under intense summer heat. Moreover, leaders sincerely hoped that workers to carry forward the courageous spirit of Shandong Base, overcoming difficulties and ensuring the smooth delivery of the project. The staff on-site, thrilled at and deeply moved by leaders’ visit and care, vowed to leaders, “Please rest assured, we will stick to our responsibilities and make sure this project is completed in best quality on time as planned."


The visit, like a summer cool, breezed away the surrounding heat and inspired those staff working in forefront, which greatly mobilized the cohesion and cooperation among staff in Shandong Base, thus laying a solid foundation for company’s rapid growth.  


With concerted effort, everything could be possible. In the second half of 2015, Shandong Base will, under the leadership of and with the support from leaders of each level, seize the opportunity, rise up to problems and achieve a take-off in revenue in 2015.