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ShangdongShenan LightingTechnology Co.,Lte.Workers Testing LEDlamps


Om the 26th of November,  ShangdongShenan Lighting Technology Co., Lte. Workers in the detection of LED lamps

The company is located in Linyi Economic Development Zone,  which invested 6 billion by Beijing ShenanInvestement Group, is a company with high brightness LED lighting product development ,production, sales,  installation as one of the private hig-tech enterprises. This company products various types of LED lighting around 200 million units per year, the taxation reaches 17.12 million yuan in the first 10 monthes.

In the this year October, Beijing Shen An investment Group successfully docked with China’s first stock—Shanghai Feilo acoustics Co., LTD, to achieve the publicing . In the meanwhile, Shenan lighting technology step forward into the fast development.