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Subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics Successfully Won Hongqiao Airport Eastern Area No. 3 Pole Light Retrof

The Spring Festival travel rush of 2018 was no difference as in previous years, started on the way back home in anxiety and joy. Railway stations, airports, highways connect our home lands and distant lands. In this festival for family reunion, Feilo Engineering Construction, a subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics reaped a different kind of joy——Feilo Construction successfully won the bid for No. 3 pole light retrofit project of Hongqiao Airport eastern area!

In the early stage of the bidding of Hongqiao Airport pole light retrofit project,with the support of the R&D team of Feilo Acoustics, Feilo Construction conducted field investigation, discussion, technical demonstration repeatedly on the Hongqiao Airport apron. Finally, they proposed the bidding scheme with the replacement of 2000 watt LED ultra high power light source researched and developed by Feilo Acoustics to the original metal halide light source, which had more advantages in products and technology, and ultimately won the bid of Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. Hongqiao Airport eastern area No. 3 pole light retrofit project.

The airport apron lighting has high requirements for illumination and stability of light source, reliable and security are also critical conditions for this special site. In the domestic and international lighting industry, there are a series of technical difficulties that are hard to break through of ultra-high-power LED light source, s such as distribution technology, cooling, overweight and automatic remote control and so on, after years of theoretical research and production practice, the R&D department of Feilo Acoustics broke through the limit of LED power and successfully produced a large quantity of 2000 watt LED ultra high power light source which were safe and efficient, this was a great LED lighting technology breakthrough. The application of it to the renovation of Hongqiao airport apron lighting will also accumulate valuable experience for the application of this product in lighting project.

As a 100-year state-owned enterprise, Feilo Acoustics has been actively undertaking corporate social responsibility and is committed to providing better quality green products and excellent engineering projects to our city, the winning of  Hongqiao Airport Project and is also the honor of Feile Acoustics in practicing corporate social responsibility.

2018, Feilo Construction will continue to use professional skills and a high sense of responsibility to protect your way home! We wish you a safe journey and a happy New Year at retrofit project site the Hongqiao Airport No. 3 Apron!