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Grand Opening of Philippines Sylvania

Local time on February 5, Philippines Sylvania celebrated a grand opening in the Philippines capital, Manila. General Manager of Feilo Acoustics and Chairman of Feilo Sylvania International Lighting Group, Zhuang Shenan, General Manager of Feilo Investment, Yin Xintao and Deputy General Manager, Zhang Jie, General Manager of Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia Region, Walter Hiew, National Manager of Philippines Sylvania, Vince Adorable, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Philippines, Felicitas Reyes, Representative of the Chinese Embassy in Philippines, Hou Jun, President of Philippines Lighting Association, Jesus M. Pineda, and local important cooperative partners, Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia team, a total of more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony.

In his opening speech, General Manager Zhuang Shenan mentioned that in recent years, Philippines had huge market potential and rapid economic growth with GDP increase by about 6.5%, it is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. Feilo Sylvania will benefit from the project opportunities in Philippines construction industry, the huge market and consumer groups brought by the base of nearly 100 million population and the newly increased government expenditures of the Duterte government. At the same time, Philippines Sylvania local team also had a good cooperative relationship with the customers who had intensive distribution networks. GM Zhuang said that the company would invest heavily in the Philippines market to provide project financing model and follow the "The Belt and Road Initiative" proposed by President Xi Jinping, combining the international cooperation platform of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and the infrastructure construction project of "Widely Construction and Special Construction" launched by the Philippines Duterte government to assist the infrastructure development in Philippines. Feilo Sylvania would go all out to support the operation of Philippines Sylvania and join hands with local business partners to create a brilliant future.

Philippines National Manager, Vince Adorable, shared the centennial history of Feilo Sylvania, product portfolio in Philippines market, business plan and project experience.

General Manager of Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia Region, Walter Hiew pointed out in his concluding remarks that Philippines Sylvania would make every effort to contribute to the green energy-saving cause of Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

A number of representatives from over a dozen Philippines media outlets attended the opening ceremony and conducted interviews and reports, including Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, The Philippine STAR, ABS-CBN Radio and Television Group and so on.