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Sylvania “Products Turning into Base” production conference successfully completed

On January 30, Simon Reed, Managing Director of Sylvania FMG, Saurabh Pandhi, FMG Product Director, Dai Weizhong, Vice General-Manager of Feilo, as well as members of Production and Operation Center, responsible persons of Jiangxi base, Hubei base and Shandong base et al. held Sylvania “Products Turning into Base” production conference in Jiangxi base for the discussion of 2018 European panel lamp, downlight and tri-proof light order landing.  

Before the conference, a delegation composed of Sylvania and Shanghai Feilo Production and Operation Center and base members made an inspection on the production site of Jiangxi Base. During this period, Simon Reed and Saurabh Pandhi spoke highly of the production site in Jiangxi base. "I've been to many plant sites and Jiangxi base is the largest production site with the best conditions I've seen," exclaimed Saurabh Pandhi while inspecting the production plant in Jiangxi. During his visit, Simon not only affirmed Jiangxi's production and operation management capabilities, but also said that the production conditions, production equipment and product capacity of Jiangxi base have reached the standards and requirements for export to Europe; also, the panel lamps produced by Jiangxi base have already satisfied the needs of series products of Sylvania.

During the seminar, Simon Reed, General Manager of Sylvania FMM, said that 2018 is a year of change. He believes FMG will bring more benefits to Sylvania this year and create a benign circular chain for R & D and cost investment. He hopes to get the support of Feilo, and said that FMG would keep up with targets of Feilo and Sylvania, creating the forward engine for the common goal of Sylvania and Feilo.

Subsequently, GM Dai also put forward the requirements for the specific production implementation of the landing base for Sylvania orders in 2018: guided by the market, make international product, engineering product and industrial product classification, take Jiangxi, Shandong and Hubei as the main export production bases, at the same time, consider export of other base products to foreign markets with the help of professional team operations of Sylvania. He stressed that we would always target at Sylvania order demand under the premise of guaranteeing quality and price.

Finally, Zhuang Shuoyang, GM of Jiangxi base, also said that Jiangxi Base would continue to focus on panel lamp products, strive to specialize on it, ensure the delivery and quality of product supply, and also continue to do a good job in production site management, ensure highly efficient, high quality order based on five-star site management.