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"Embrace Dreams, Create Glorious" Feilo Investment Convened 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Development

On February 1, 2018, Feilo Investment solemnly held 2017 annual summary and 2018 development conference with the theme of "embrace dreams, create glorious" in Hongqiao Guest Hotel. The conference comprehensively summarized the major work and achievements of all departments in 2017, and made a comprehensive deployment of the work priorities and targets in 2018. At the same time, in order to carry forward the power of model, the conference commended a number of advanced collectives and individuals. The conference was presided over by Zhang Lu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union, Yin Xintao, General Manager, Zhuang Lizhi, Deputy General Manager, Zhang Jie, Deputy General Manager and Chen Zhiwei, Chief Financial Officer, attended the meeting by more than 60 employees of all departments.

The conference successfully opened in the heroic and beautiful melody of Feilo Acoustics corporate song, "succeed to forever". General Manager Yin Xintao delivered the opening speech and made a key report on the major work of the company in 2017 and the sales budget and targets of 2018. The report focused closely on the theme spirit of "never slack, advance courageously" to encourage all employees to meet new challenges with an unflagging spirit and a vigorous attitude. The key work points and targets of the report were strengthening management and control of overseas companies, improving financial system, optimizing supply chain, increasing project management capabilities, transforming trade patterns, building sales areas and enhancing team culture construction. It is required that the development of departments should focus on sales budgets and business indicators, expand departmental functions and enhance operational efficiency of organizations to implement plans.

Secondly, managers of Feilo Investment Finance Department, Marketing Department, Project Development Department, North American Business Department, International Business department, Southeast Asia Business Department, Product Management Department, Operation Department and Administration Department delivered detailed reports on 2017 key departmental work and 2018 departmental budget targets, finance, sales, products, procurement, operations, markets and so on around the major points of the report by GM Yin Xintao, after finishing reports, they conducted overall oath in front of all employees on 2018 work objectives with the staff of their own department.

After that, the conference commended the outstanding employees emerged in 2017. Awarded 2017 Best Sales Star to Zhao Linglei and Liu Xiaohu; awarded 2017 Best Service Star to Luo Yun and Tiao Xiaocai; awarded 2017 Outstanding Newcomer to Gong Zhi, Li Ya, Ding Junjie and Lu Weiwei; awarded 2017 Best Progressive Employee to Shen Yubai, Hu Xiaolan and Xing Tianyuan; awarded 2017 Best Manager to Zhang Jie; awarded 2017 Best Sales Team to International Trade Department and awarded 2017 Best Service Team to Integrated Management Department, affirming and commending their working ability and dedication to encourage the spirit of progress and carry forward the power of model.

In the end, GM Yin preached the Light + corporate culture of Feilo Investment and made a brilliant summary of the conference to give a thorough understanding to the concept of Light+ corporate culture, Light (illumination)+ Smart is the core value of our development, Light+ spirit requires us to have the pine spirit of undertaking responsibilities, the craftsman spirit of innovating to change, the bee spirit of giving selflessly, the cattle spirit of hardworking, and the wolf spirit of passionate and courageous. GM Yin emphasized the importance of the real execution, and expressed the great expectation of transforming from the service and manufacturing enterprise of overall lighting solution to the general contractor of smart city.