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Feilo conducted the 4th meeting of EHS committee office & the annual EHS KPI appraisal

From 20th to 22nd of December, 2017, the 4th Meeting of the EHS (environment, health and safety) committee office of Feilo, which was also regarded as the annual KPI appraisal to all the subsidiaries was conducted in the building at Guilin Road. The committee office members from each department of Feilo and EHS representatives from all the subsidiaries attended this meeting. During the 3-day’s meeting, a sum-up of the annual EHS jobs had come into being, results towards each subsidiary via specific KPI appraisal were scored. Besides, general requirements for the upcoming year’s EHS plans had also been brought up.  

Mrs. Chen Jiafang, deputy superintendent of EHS committee office, recapped the main EHS jobs that had been done in 2017 via PPT, from which participants were impressed by the achievement. In 2016, there were no fatalities, severe accidents with negative effects or disastrous fires, and few minor injuries. Meanwhile, both potential hazard checking coverage and discovery rate were greater than 100%. Also, the rectify rate had achieved 97%. Among all the subsidiaries, EHS standardization process had almost done, which was a massive progress compared to that in 2016. Analysis of the above factors such as potential hazard checking, rectification and traffic safety supervision from the statistics suggest there were still some weak links and vulnerabilities existing in some subsidiaries, especially in respective factory major hazard source identification, exhibition halls, triple simultaneousness (fire protection, occupational health protection and safety protection) concerns during factory and workshop expansion, and safety management in project construction. Therefore, daily safety check and potential hazards verification needed to be enhanced, not only for the mandatory index, but also standing for the benefit of each employee to avert accidents and remedies.  

Subsequently, participants via the detailed information on the INESA EHS data platform conducted a mutual score on the basis of ANNUAL EHS JOB PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL CHART FOR THE SUBSIDIARIES OF INESA. After almost 2-day’s discussion and evaluation, it revealed the final scores for all subsidiaries, which indicated a massive progress for most of them compared to the results in the first half year of 2017, and the quality of EHS jobs had got enhanced.

After the appraisal, Mr. Dai Weizhong, vice general manager and superintendent of Feilo EHS committee office gave a conclusion to the meeting and brought up some new requirements. First, EHS must rely on prevention, with Feilo’s evaluation, safety checking, as well as each manager’s support to ensure the management, moreover, EHS input could not be reduced, both hardware(engineering & facilities) and software(regulations & management) were supposed to get applied. Also, there were gaps among the 4 subsidiaries and other 7 bases, those backward ones need improve respective performances, particularly, during projects, safety must be reviewed accordingly due to its own industry, such as the subcontractor auditing prior to every tendering and bidding, critical jobs during construction, hazards identification, and work process control. Still, Mr. Dai added, the results indicated the progress that they had achieved after they gradually attached importance to EHS jobs during daily management. Lastly, Mr. Dai praised the road traffic supervision, which took on a new look after 2016, in the upcoming year, drivers must strive to overcome the tough conditions due to roads, vehicles and pedestrians to maintain the achievement. The conclusion from Mr. Dai encouraged all the participants besides reminded them that the safety alarm bell should be always sounded.  

Before the end of this meeting, all the participants had a communication and discussed how to make an effective safety management, build a link between companies and local safety administration, special equipment inspection organizations, occupational disease supervision and inspection agencies etc. and shared their experience and methods on cooperating with each other and fully complying with EHS legislation, regulations and codes. The meeting ended in a delightful atmosphere.

This meeting also gave navigation to the EHS jobs improvement for 2018. In 2018, Feilo would strengthen construction safety management by making or refer to relative laws to ensure hazard reduction and project safety to happen as well as promote EHS standardization work to reach a management and 1+3 system densification. What’s more, Feilo would further complete the verification standard by utilizing the function of EHS supervising team, learning and checking among each other to push the EHS work forward so as to improve the capability in potential hazard verification. In addition, the EHS team would be built and disciplined, finish the implementation of professional EHS staff for dedicated EHS jobs, and increase the rate of Certified Safety Engineer. Last but not least, occupational EHS orientations would also be planned and implemented to enhance the capability of the EHS team and thus convoy the EHS jobs for Feilo.