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Consolidate The Foundation Simultaneously Adopt Various Measures Feilo Acoustics Carries Out Law Po

Since the law popularization of the "Seventh Five-Year", Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Feile Audio") has laid a solid foundation for the deployment of the "Seventh Five-Year" law popularization in accordance with the requirements of its superiors and the company and adopted various measures to carry out publicity and education on the rule of law in a deep-going way, which has achieved initial results.

1. Strengthen the Leadership, Establish and Perfect the Mechanism of Law Popularization

First is the establishment of the working organ for law popularization. At the beginning of the "Seventh Five-Year" law popularization, Feilo Acoustics set up the leading group and law popularization office at the company level and set up law popularization offices in its domestic subsidiaries at all levels to ensure that special personnel were responsible for law popularization and initially formed the work pattern of the rule of law publicity and education with "overall coordination, joint management, interaction linkage, full participation".

Second is the implementation of responsibility system for law popularization.  Implement the responsibility of law popularization with "who is in charge and who is responsible" and give full play to the functions of all departments and units, each unit is responsible for the study and publicity of laws and regulations in its respective field of business and incorporates publicity and education on the rule of law into their daily business work.

Third is the improvement of the guarantee mechanism for law popularization. In the annual financial budget, the company incorporated special funds for publicity and education on law into to effectively guarantee it, and a dynamic adjustment mechanism is established to ensure the effective conduction of the publicity and education on the rule of law.

2. Highlight the Key Points, Work Hard to Create the Momentum of Law Popularization

First is the convening of the "Seventh Five-Year" law popularization conference and the training on the rule of law. On March 23rd, 2017, the company held the "Seventh Five-Year" law popularization conference and the training on the rule of law which lasted for one day. At the meeting, the leaders prominently emphasized the importance of strengthening the legal governance of the general law to the sustainable development of the enterprise, and made the deployment for the next step. The legal qualifications of trainees were further improved through The legal training after the conference.

Second is the expansion of "Governing the City by Law Day" online legal knowledge contest. Last August 16th was the "Governing the City by Law Propaganda Day" of Shanghai, the company organized an online legal knowledge contest, it adopted a novel form of online answer, the sponsor published the posters through WeChat, and the participants took part in the contest by identifying the QR code within a specified time. The topics of the contest covered laws such as Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Right Law, Civil Procedure Law, and regulations referred to construction project and bidding, as well as rules and regulations of company contract management system and litigation case management system, all of these were closely related to usual work.

Third is the conduction of special legal training seminar. On November 9 this year, the company organized a special legal training seminar to resolve the related legal puzzles of the business people around the terms and related legal risks of construction contract.

In addition, the legal department launched "deliver laws to the door" to deliver the legal system of the company and basic legal knowledge to the subsidiaries via carrying out forensic work inspections of the subordinate regions, bases and subsidiaries, as long as conducted trainings for almost 10 times.

Forth is the introduction of series precautions of legal risks. Starting from August 2017, the Legal Department has studied relevant legal risk prevention measures and tactics in conjunction with common legal risk points in the development of the enterprise business, and has made Series Precautions of Legal Risks in response to legal risk issues that may lead to legal dispute cases and cause significant asset losses and distributed it to all functional departments, regions and subsidiaries so as to provide solutions and specific guidelines for all departments and units encountering similar legal problems. The series of legal risk prevention tips are mainly issued once a month, and had been issued five times by the end of the year.

Fifth is the concentrated launching of the "Constitution Propaganda Week" series activities of law popularization. December 4 was the fourth National Constitution Day and December 4 to December 10 was the 29th Shanghai Constitution Propaganda Week, the company concentrated organized and launched studying, propaganda and education activities of the constitution. The Legal Department publicized the spirit of the constitution and the 19th CPC National Congress through display boards, electronic screens, posters and so on, they also organized employees of the headquarters and subordinate regions, bases and subsidiaries to follow the Wechat public account "rule of law in Shanghai" by scanning the code to participate in the 29th Shanghai Constitution Propaganda Week knowledge contest.

3. Plentiful Carriers, Develop Various Activities of Law Popularization

The company and its subsidiaries have carried out various types of law popularization activities in plentiful forms and have formed a good atmosphere within the company.

First is the promoting of law popularization education relying on all departments. For example, the company's Safety Committee Office has carried out related training for the new employees and a three-day safety production and legal training with an examination for enterprise leaders and security personnel; In this year's "Month of Safe Production", training on "Work-related Injury Insurance Regulations" was provided for employees and legal awareness of safe production was further promoted among cadres and employees through posters and publicity campaigns. The Information Technology Department conducted training and learning on Information Security and Confidentiality for the company's information technology personnel. The Brand Marketing Center publicized the "Contract Law" in the construction of channels and established the administrative measures for order management in the channel market so as to raise the awareness of relevant employees and distributors on the operation according to law and the boycott of counterfeit goods.

Second is the promoting of law popularization activities relying on all subsidiaries. Henan Yaming and Jiangxi Shenan actively carried out monthly law popularization, after soliciting the legal training needs of business personnel, they made monthly training plans and conducted legal training for business personnel of all subsidiaries to raise the legal awareness of grassroots business personnel. Hubei Shenan, Shandong Yaming and Northwest China had different levels and various forms of legal activities for managers and salesmen, so as to enhance the pertinence of law popularization. Shanghai Yaming set up a special column of "Legal Affairs" on OA system to promptly update regulations related to legal affairs and legal knowledge, as well as assisted in holding the legal seminar on the legal risk of construction law. During the "Constitution Propaganda Week", Jiangxi Base conducted a two-day constitution propaganda campaign, in which invited its permanent legal adviser to give lectures on constitution knowledge training for employees, and centrally organized staff to answer constitution questions; On the day of "12.4" National Constitution Day, Henan Base organized all employees to watch the feature film "Rule of Law in China" to publicize the historic significance of the socialist concept of the rule of law and the principle of administering the country in accordance with the law in an all-round way; Jiangsu Yaming organized the managers to participate in a special constitution training to improve their understanding of the constitution.

Third is the promoting of law popularization education relying on INESA. In September of this year, the Legal Department mobilized all departments of the company and all subordinate regions and subsidiaries to actively participate in the Shanghai Legal Skills Competition called by INESA. Finally, 555 participants took part in the online preliminary contest of this competition, this further expanded the coverage of the law popularization.

Forth is the promoting of legal training relying on Municipal Legal Advisers Association. This year, the company newly joined the Municipal Legal Advisors Association, as a member unit, we actively used the association's platform to carry out business training for legal professionals and organized legal personnel to participate in special training courses concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, as long as around ten different legal seminars.