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Wang Qiang, INESA Chairman and His Entourage Conducted Special Research on Smart Streetlight Network

On January 3rd, 2018, INESA Party Secretary and Chairman, Wang Qiang, INESA Vice President and Feilo Acoustics Chairman, Huang Jingang led Central Research Institute, Science and Technology Innovation Department, Market Development Department and other leaders to Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd., for the special research on smart streetlight network project, Feilo Acoustics General Manager Zhuang Shenan, Party Secretary Xiang Min, and GM Assistant Wang Hao, Ling Weihu, Tong Min, Zhu Hua attended the research meeting.

GM Assistant of Feilo Acoustics and General Manager of FLSmart, Wang Hao, reported Feilo's 2017 key projects overview and 2018 market strategy, overall layout and so on at the meeting, GM Assistant and General Manager of R & D Center, Tong Min, reported the technical field of smart streetlight network, referring key technology area, industrialization process and follow-up planning, GM Assistant and General Manager of Feilo Engineering & Construction, Ling Weihu, reported business market and operation & maintenance of smart park, General Manager Zhuang Shenan reported three key issues including R & D basis, market promotion and operation & maintenance.

INESA Vice President and Feilo Acoustics Chairman, Huang Jingang fully affirmed the hard work of Feilo Acoustics in smart streetlight network firstly. He said smart streetlight was one of the core competencies of Feilo, whose strategic positioning is correct and its future is bright. This year, Feilo Acoustics should firmly grasp Shanghai market and vigorously develop smart streetlight network to achieve facing the whole country while keeping a foothold in Shanghai; should combine bottom-up and top-down to integrate resources around smart streetlight and organically combine other projects of the group; should further strengthen the integration and communication, combing and docking of capital utilization and deepen the integration of industry and finance.

INESA Party Secretary and Chairman, Wang Qiang was confident about the next development of Feilo Acoustics. He was totally agreed with the market, research & development and operation as GM Zhuang said, Feilo Acoustics should focus on smart streetlight network to enhance its comprehensive strength and actively explore smart city; should further study science and technology; should focus on the layout of operation and maintenance to build control platform and operating platform, so as to sell service and create platform while selling products at the same time. Chairman Wang Qiang stressed that Feilo Acoustics should learn new business mode from INESA and accurately grasp policy direction, especially in risk prevention, and establish a risk mechanism to avoid detours; second, should practice INESA strategy while finding its own advantages and "make an issue" of "smart", developing smart city without distraction while taking smart streetlight network as an important carrier; third, should integrate social resources and open up cooperation, using Internet thinking and dialectical thinking to establish linkage mechanism, assessment mechanism and resource tilt mechanism so as to understand focus and unity of top and down.