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News of Victory Again! Feilo Acoustics Won the Bid of "Smart Liping" PPP Project with Its Subsidiary

Following the success of Cengong, Feilo Acoustics have news of victory again.

On January 5, 2018, Guizhou Provincial Government Procurement Network ( released "Liping County 'Smart Liping' Poverty Alleviation Tourism Supporting Projects Bidding (Transaction) Announcement", Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. (as the lead unit of the project), Tibet Ming Feng Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd., Guiyang Architectural Design & Surveying Prospecting Co., Ltd., The Nuclear Industry Zhicheng Construction Engineering Corporation, and Sichuan Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. (Consortium), a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Shenan Investment Group Co., Ltd. which is wholly owned by Feilo Acoustics, won the bid of Liping County "Smart Liping" Poverty Alleviation Tourism Supporting Projects, the estimated total investment of the project is 1,185.63 million yuan (RMB), main construction contents include smart landscape, smart lighting, smart parking lot and smart sanitation.

The winning of "Smart Liping" PPP project is another success of Feilo Acoustics in the field of smart city and PPP projects after winning the bid of "Smart Cengong" infrastructure PPP project, and it is another important achievement of the company in its strategic transformation and the development and operation of smart city with the start point of smart streetlight network. The project implementation will be conducive to further accumulate project experience and enhance the market competitiveness of smart city and smart lighting engineering business and beneficial for the company to build and perfect the platform operation business based on lighting project to finally realize the vision of "becoming the general contractor and operator of smart city".