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Feilo Acoustics Solemnly Held 2017 Annual Advanced Commendation Conference

On January 25, 2018, Feilo Acoustics 2017 Annual Advanced Commendation Conference was held ceremoniously at Sanlin Grand Theatre with the theme of "Carrying Forward the Advanced, Giving Thanks to You", the conference comprehensively summarized all the achievements made in 2017 and commended advanced collectives and individuals.

INESA Party Secretary and Chairman, Wang Qiang, INESA Vice President and Feilo Acoustics Chairman, Huang Jingang, Feilo Acoustics General Manager, Zhuang Shenan, Party Secretary, Xiang Min, Executive Deputy General Manager, Xie Shengjun, company leaders above GM assistant, party leaders from all subsidiaries, regions and bases and employees in Shanghai attended this conference with a total of more than 700 which presided over by Secretary Xiang.

Xie Shengjun, Executive Deputy General Manager read out "Decisions on the Recognition of 2017 Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. Various Advanced", awarded 2017 annual "Outstanding Gruop" to Southwest China; awarded "Advanced Group" to 14 collectives or project groups including South China Wulanchabu project group and so on; awarded "Sales Star" to 19 comrades including Sun Qinghua, Chen Chuan and so on; awarded "Science & Technology Star" to 12 comrades including Zou Longsheng and so on; awarded "Project Star" to 9 comrades including Zheng Yi and so on; awarded "Outstanding Management Award" to 33 comrades including Mao Juan and so on; awarded "Quality Pacesetter" to 6 comrades including Wu Wang and so on; awarded "Production Pacesetter" to 12 comrades including Mo Xiaowei and so on; awarded "Outstanding Team Leader" to 6 comrades including Wang Xuanchi and so on; awarded "Outstanding Manager" to 7 comrades including Xu Kairong and so on; awarded "Special Contribution Award" to 3 comrades including Zhao Kailan and so on; awarded "External Solidarity and Collaboration Award" to 3 comrades including Zhuang Shenqiang and so on.

GM Zhuang Shenan fully affirmed the hard work and efforts of all the employees over the past year on behalf of the company and delivered 2017 company administrative work report. He first sorted out the events of the company in 2017 and then summarized the results of 2017 with "three innovations," namely, business model innovation, financial innovation and corporate culture innovation. In the meantime, he proposed that in 2018, the company would focus on nine aspects, including strategic improvement, talent management and performance incentives, management system optimization and operational efficiency improvement, product R &D capability enhancement, business model innovation, financial innovation, mergers and acquisitions, risk control and corporate culture building, to keep the continuous development of company and lay a solid foundation to achieve the ambitious. He called on employees at all levels of the company to continue to maintain a high spirit in 2018, and enthusiastically invest in the development and construction of the enterprise, going hand in hand and forge ahead together to go further and more determined on the road of constructing smart cities with wisdom and hands.

INESA Vice President and Feilo Acoustics Chairman, Huang Jingang expressed warm congratulations and high respects to those collectives and individuals who had been commended. In his speech, he carried out three time dimensions of yesterday, tomorrow, and today. He said, Feilo's yesterday was full of remarkable achievements. In 2017, focusing on the "Year of Management", Feilo Acoustics further merged, reformed, innovated, optimized, and from top to bottom inside Feilo, an excellent atmosphere of being brave in innovation, forging ahead with keen determination, being bold to undertake, developing with coordination and being passion and courageous had initially been formed, which provided a solid foundation for the tomorrow of Feilo Acoustics; Feilo's tomorrow would be glorious and resplendent. The blueprint of Feilo Acoustics was to achieve "one strategy", "two systems", "three innovations" and "four cornerstones" in the tide of national overall development, around the development strategy of INESA, under the requirements of the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises and with the guidance of INESA overall strategy. Feilo's today was calling for more efforts. Feilo Acoustics should take full use of the advantages of history, brand, location, state-owned enterprise, listed company and so on while seeing shortcomings and bottlenecks and seeking room for improvement, so as to meet the difficulties, stand on solid ground with one heart and one mind to create a better tomorrow with our wisdom and hands.

On behalf of INESA, Chairman Wang Qiang expressed heartfelt congratulations to the advanced collectives and individuals who were honored, and paid high tribute to the Feilo people who fought on the front line. He first talked about "four feelings" and felt that Feilo Acoustics was indeed exploring and practicing; was actively exploring mixed ownership; was practicing the "four new" model of new technology, new industry, new format and new mode; was exploring "going out "strategy. He pointed out that there were three major events to be made clear by Feilo, first was to review the general trend and clear advantages and opportunities; second was being clear that we were Shanghai's Feilo Acoustics, so we must have more results landing in Shanghai; third was being clear that Feilo was a mixed ownership enterprise which INESA was holding as a major shareholder, so the thinking of Feilo Acoustics must also be in accordance with the strategic layout of INESA. Finally, Chairman Wang Qiang conducted an in-depth analysis and put forward many constructive suggestions in five aspects: focusing on the strategic positioning of Feilo Acoustics, core competitiveness, management and efficiency, culture and team building, and integrating into INESA for a win-win and multilateral interest's situation.

At the end of the conference, Secretary Xiang Min concluded that as Feilo people, we should define our own advantages and objectives and build core competitiveness of the company through management optimization, financial innovation and culture landing, at the same time, we should take an active part in INESA's strategy to cooperate and compete with fraternal units under INESA's cultural phenomenon of innovative, responsible, inclusive and collaborative. We must bear firmly in mind the teachings of Chairman Wang Qiang, keep in mind the initial mind, bear in mind the mission, forge ahead with determination, advance with hardworking, and make unremitting efforts to become a stronger, better, and par excellent state-owned enterprise.