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On December 14th, 2017, Chu Junhao, Dean of School of Information, East China Normal University and CAS Academician, Zou Yupin, Chairman of Nanchang Association For Science and Technology, and their entourages visited Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd and had discussion and exchange with leaders of Feilo Acoustics including Party Secretary, Xiang Min, Vive GM Zhuang Shenzhi, GM Assistant, Tong Min. At the meeting, CAS Academician Chu Junhao signed a construction agreement on Chu Junhao Academician Workstation with Jiangxi Shenan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the agreement, both parties would strengthen cooperation in applied technology research in the direction of comprehensive utilization of photovoltaic energy based on "multi-energy coordinated and multi-technology coupling" technology framework to further research and develop photovoltaic technology products which were in the forefront on technological content.

During the exchange, Party Secretary Xiang Min introduced basic situation, current work and initial achievements of Feilo Acoustics. She said the company had accelerated the pace of business transformation and global distribution since it completed its acquisition of Sylvania in 2016. In recent years, the company's main business was around in the construction of smart city, smart tourism, smart city reconstruction, smart town construction and so on, while sales revenue had risen sharply for three consecutive years, investment in the research and development on science and technology had also been paid more and more attention and the intensity of developing cutting-edge science and technology and improving the capability of science and technology development had also been increasing year by year. Secretary Xiang was very grateful with the matchmaking of Nanchang city government and Jinxian County government at the early stage to help Feilo Acoustics communicate with Academician Chu and his team to achieve this cooperation. At the same time, she also hoped that the future cooperation would not only be a technical project, but more on talent training, scientific and technological research and development training and team training, Feilo Acoustics would exercise its rights and obligations to help the workstations work smoothly in all aspects.

Academician Chu Junhao was very pleased to participate in the signing of academician workstation and thankful to the great importance of Nanchang city government and Jinxian county government, as well as the leaders of Feilo Acoustics. He thought Feilo Acoustics had been booming with a successful brand strategy and the areas of smart city and smart lighting which Feilo had focused on in recent two years were also promising directions and fields. And in this respect, the School of Information of East China Normal University had also done some research so that the two sides had a very good basis for cooperation. He emphasized that technological development was extremely important to enterprise development and he expected to achieve corresponding achievements transformation on this platform, which could promote to the aspects of pre-development, program support, development frontier and cutting-edge technologies. He earnestly hoped that this cooperation would have real practical contributions and both parties could work together for development.