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【Innovative Management Topics】A Collection of Outstanding Projects For Innovation and Entrepreneursh

Medical Titanium Nail Project Team From Shanghai Y&L Lighting——Medical Titanium Nail Molding Project

A key project of Y&L Company in the field of medical components in 2017 is the processing innovation and technological innovation of the titanium nail products for medical stapling. Stapler: surgical operating instrument, medical device to replace the traditional manual suture, with two functions of resections and sutures, the annual demand of domestic market is 4.5 million, and more than 80% are imported products. Titanium nail: the most important disposable consumptive material in stapler. Each stapler requires 66-100 nails, the market demand is huge with a total demand of 500 million.

With the implementation of Made in China 2025, the localization of high-performance medical devices is also advancing, more and more domestic finished products companies hope to cooperate with high-quality suppliers of components and accessories. Shanghai Y&L Lighting Co, Ltd., with over 20 years’ exquisite processing technology and technique accumulation in metal parts, perfect ISO13485 medical system, advanced equipment, technology and technique, a positive work team and excellent management system, all of these have made Y&L people be confident in developing the titanium nail products with high quality, high stability and absolute safety.

Main members of the project team: Guo Rong, Lu Lei, Zhao Xiaolan, Shi Jian, Qin Lili and Xu Wencheng, their fields of responsibility covers various areas including marketing, equipment, technology, quality and manufacturing. Team members conducted in-depth analysis of imported titanium nails to determine key points of quality; provided the improvement basis for technology research and development in response to the shortage of existing domestic titanium nails; communicated with interested customers in different aspects to understand and grasp the latest requirements.

The traditional production process of titanium nail: spring winding method, two-channel molding process, which leads to more than 25% material loss, low product quality and low consistency.

The new process Y&L developed: adopts automatic one-time stamping molding process to simplify the process and enhance production efficiency with less than 5% material loss. During the period, overcome technical difficulties include: 1) flexible straightening mechanism designed for special materials to ensure the straightness and surface quality of silk materials; 2) specially designed end face punching and positioning mold system and corner cut tooling system, which ensures the molding size and consistency of products, so that the puncture force and the guiding position has a reliable guarantee; 3) rapid customization and replacement of key molds provides customized processing solutions. After nearly 9 months, the project team had completed the process development of the product and passed overall verification of clients, the product has achieved mass production.

Through the implementation of this innovative project, we have a new understanding of manufacturing mode, the traditional processing of incoming blueprints and materials is relatively passive, so we need to turn passivity into initiative, focusing on communication with customers and R&D personnel and working together to discuss product solutions and continuously explore for the development of new products in new markets and new customers with efforts.

Our View of Innovation

    As a pillar industry, manufacturing plays a decisive role in our national economy, with the rapid development of market economy, our country has become an important manufacturing country in the world. However, the development of our manufacturing industry faces many problems at the same time, such as the gradual weakening of cost advantage, the slowdown of export growth, the challenges of environment and resources, the increasingly fierce international trade frictions and disputes and so on.

How to get out of this dilemma and how to build competitive advantages and enhance international competitiveness in the increasingly fierce competition? Innovation undoubtedly plays an important role in this process. The competition in the new economic era is firstly the competition of science, talents and innovation ability, it changes the previous competitive mode dominated by resources and capital, making the advantage of innovation compensate for the disadvantages of resources and capital. The competitive strength among enterprises is reflected in the ability to innovate. Only with vigorous innovation and continuous introductions of new technology and new products can we keep a steady foothold in the market.

In the increasingly competitive environment, as a traditional manufacturing enterprise for lighting components, Y&L is undertaking tremendous pressure on enterprises development. Under the guidelines of INESA and Feilo Acoustics, all the staffs in Y&L continue to penetrate the awareness of innovation into all aspects of the enterprise, and innovation is also running through the work of every employee, they continue to carry out various activities to fill short boards, to break bottlenecks, to consolidate basis, for example, the development of new medical market, the transformation of new production mode, the technique innovation of new products and the innovation of product processing mode, etc. The spirit of innovation is an indispensable element for us, only in this way can we play a more effective role and constantly improve the innovation and creativity of the enterprise.

For enterprises, innovation is both an opportunity and a challenge. We should be under the guidance of policies and be bold to innovate from actual situation, and constantly improve the level of innovation to truly become the main body of technological innovation through grasping the initiative of innovation and grasping market opportunities and technological opportunities, so as to embark on an innovative road suitable for our own development and maintain the exuberant vitality of the enterprise.


Yuan Kewen Team From FLSmart——Intelligent Lighting Integrated Energy Saving System Oriented to Community Roads


Energy saving of road lighting can be considered from two aspects. One is energy-saving of lamps and lanterns, such as the replacement of LED lights of out-of-dated high pressure sodium lights; the other is the optimization adjustment of lighting strategy, such as controlling the time of switching lights through telemetering, remote signalling and remote control systems; lower road lighting brightness late at night. These methods can save costs to a certain extent. However, in precision operation and lighting safety, they are more or less defective and cannot be regarded as efficient and safe way of energy saving. This system adopts intelligent means and combines piezoelectric technology and light-storage material to create a green and intelligent future city road.

Current Situation

In 2013, the total electricity consumption of the whole society was 5.32 trillion kilowatt-hours, road lighting accounted for 9% of it, ranking the first of all lighting electricity consumption fields with a cost of more than 400 billion yuan.

We investigated the latest data in Shanghai. Shanghai has a total of about 600,000 street lights, 360,000 of them are in the roads near communities, the electricity expenditure of street lights is about 50% of the total. According to the calculation of 0.9 yuan per kilowatt-hour, the annual electricity expenditure is about 850 million yuan while the cost of community road lighting is 430 million yuan, which shows the market is extremely huge. Through our research, community road has a distinct characteristic, which is stable peak periods and high population density.


l  Illumination Sensor

Capture current ambient brightness to precisely control the time of switching lights.

l  Vibration and Presence Sensor

Use at head of night, accurately capture the situation of pedestrians and vehicles on the road, if no one, reduce the brightness of street lights; otherwise, increase it.

l  Piezoelectric Device

Using densely populated areas of communities to recycle urban micro-energy and reduce lighting power by electricity storage

l  Light-storage Self-luminous Material

Using the paint, cement and asphalt containing this material to pave roads and improve the brightness of the road itself. On the one hand, small power lamps can be selected, and electricity consumption can be reduced on the other hand


Around 5% can be saved through the precision control of illumination sensor; about 15% of electric power is expected to be saved by vibration and presence sensor. Paving roads with light-storage self-luminous material so that the sunlight can be absorbed during daytime and light the road surface by self-luminous at night. Use of the material is expected to reduce lamp price by 10% and reduce electricity consumption by 10%. Combine with LED street light transformation, conservative estimate to save 70% of the original electricity consumption and save 10% of the purchase price of LED lamps. And integrate with sensor technology, travel data is transmitted to big data platform to optimize urban planning and security management.

Now with the development of urban intelligentization[CF1] , the demand for electricity is also higher. Therefore, we propose to explore the use and acquisition of urban micro-energy, such as piezoelectric, wind and photovoltaic. Work in with the new storage battery technology, it can provide energy for all aspects of smart city such as road lighting, new bus stop, unattended store and so on.

Our View of Innovation

A group of people make a breakthrough at an opportune time. This incident is based on reality, breaking the status quo and solving the pain point. The focus of successful innovation is not thinking of ideas, putting forward assumptions or solving problems, but how to introduce it into the market where customers are willing to pay for it so as to achieve win-win results.

Innovation is a kind of accumulation, when a series of imperfect innovation accumulates, it leads quantitative change to qualitative change, and it is a successful innovation when it comes to solving pain points and innovating in accordance with business logic. Every successful innovation can provide the company with a future development direction, allowing the company to open up a new market, and seize the initiative in it. The maturity of smart city is accompanied by the maturity of policies, technologies and the promotion of various innovations. The outside world is still big, wish we could explore it together.


Bai Kun Team From Feilo Acoustics——Shared Lighting-Smart Streetlight Is Shone Because Of You(饶宇蕾)

The smart lighting market in 2013-2020 is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 17%. The global LED smart lighting market in 2016 was worth $2.35 billion and will reach $13.427 billion by 2020. Therefore, the development of smart lighting market is of great significance and broad prospects. So we should take smart lighting as the starting point and actively expand the business of smart city. Moreover, in the construction of smart streetlight network and smart city, we should try various devices and be innovative to improve market competitiveness of the enterprise. To this end, our team put forward "Shared LightingInnovation is the soul of a nation's progress, the inexhaustible motive force for the prosperity of a country, and the source for the survival and development of an enterprise. On the way of innovation, we should both be radical and conservative and do not blindly follow or be a follower without personality, the most important thing is to have your own creativity, and to give it to our products, creativity is the inspiration for vitality.



Shi Liyuan Team From Feilo Acoustics——The Life of Modern Urbanites Decorated With "Flowers and Plants"

With the progress of urbanization, more and more population is concentrated in metropolis, which leads to less and less area per capita and fewer and fewer people can own a garden or vegetable fields to enjoy the natural pastoral life. However, people's yearning for green plants does not diminish due to the limitation of living conditions; on the contrary, more and more people prefer to have some flowers and plants indoors and on the balcony for the sake of health and leisure.

The plight of modern urbanites to grow flowers and plants is as follows, including but not limited to:

1) Urbanites lack knowledge of planting green plants and few species can survive;

2) The nourishment of cultivated soil is difficult to control and there are plant diseases and insect pests;

3) The sunlight is not enough indoor or on balcony, green plants grow slowly and suffer from malnutrition;

4) Plants will stop growing at seedling and long leaf period without a further step to blossom and yield fruit, which fail in beautifying the environment;

5) Evergreen plants only, plants that are season-resistant cannot be planted successfully, even indoors.

Intelligent Flowerpot Market Emerges As the Times Require

In response to the confusion of these urbanities in planting flowers and plants, an intelligent flowerpot came into being, it uses electricity and can intelligently and automatically control the fillings of light and water and has become an increasingly popular electrical appliance in people's lives.

The general characteristics of modern intelligent flowerpots are:

1) The container at least holds cultivated base/cultivated soil/ cultivated solution;

2) At least a plant light filling lamp, which can be used to fill the plants when the light is insufficient;

3) Possible sensors include but not limited to: nutrition, humidity, CO2, O2, plant blade surface illumination, temperature and so on;

4) Possible additional equipment: oxygenation submersible pump, drip irrigation device, negative ion generator, humidifier, heating device, spray device and so on;

5) An intelligent central processor with centralized control to control the functions of each terminal.

The Product and Technology Roadmap of Feilo Smart Flowerpot

The most basic functional type of the smart flowerpot only has a light filling lamp without other functional electric device, which occupies the basic low-cost market. This basic smart flowerpot can only be successful to plant simple plants such as epipremnum aureum and chlorophytum. Along with the increase of functions and the complexity of structure and smart design, more and more plants can be successfully planted by smart flowerpot, the role it plays indoors will become more visible, ranging from small table decorations to fish-tank interior landscapes, this is not the only one.

Our View of Innovation

Innovation is often talked about by people, such as "institutional innovation", "financial innovation", "theoretical innovation" and so on, of course, for our profession, we advocate more on "technological innovation". It seems that innovation is the premise of high profit, innovation is the ladder of social class transition, and innovation is the so-called "major breakthrough" that what had not been existed in the past will become main stream in the future. But how can there be so many "unprecedented" in life? Life is more about bit by bit and day by day, which is quiet and peaceful.

Our Feilo smart flowerpot project is such a R & D project which bring people back to "the Peach Garden" from the nervous and busy modern city life. In fact, this project does not bring any new life style to our life, instead, it is looking for the living prospect and mood of ancestors in through plenty innovations.

Our innovation is to make people better acquire happiness when they live in their own self-sufficiency



Zhuang Weimin Team From FLSmart——Smart Streetlight Network - Linkage Technology of Landscaping Comprehensive Management

Status Quo of Urban Landscaping Maintenance:

1. At present, there are more than 300 cities in China's 640 cities with water shortage and 232 million people are seriously inadequate in water consumption per capita.

2. High investment level of urban greening, the total expenditure of green maintenance in Shanghai is about 4.6 billion yuan a year, with annual watering costs of 950 million yuan or so.

3.  Inappropriately greening water supply leads to plant death or dryness, and the cost of plant replacement is high, this expenditure of Shanghai is about 230 million yuan a year.

4. High cost of artificial maintenance, the annual salary of greening personnel in Shanghai is about 2.5 billion yuan and the workload is heavy.


The product adopts the functions of soil moisture sensor, video analysis technology and dust removal and cooling with characteristics of using separate structure system to ensure safety, taking smart streetlight network as grid management, big data analysis and so on.

Product value:

1. Resource  Accurate control of irrigation water consumption, using large data analysis to save watering more than 50% which will save about 500 million yuan a year for Shanghai

2. Cost  No need of watering operations by greening personnel, which will reduce labor cost by 30% and save about 750 million yuan a year for Shanghai

3. Quality  Improve the quality of plant growth and replanting rate will reduced by 50%, which saves 100 million yuan a year for Shanghai

4. Efficiency  The watering efficiency of systematic conservation far exceeds artificial irrigation as it realizes fixed time and fixed point irrigation, and the efficiency is increased by more than 100%.

Intelligent greening industry is now facing unknown market space, but at the same time, it will usher in tremendous opportunities. Shanghai has released "Shanghai Planning Outline for The Development of Artificial Intelligence of City Greening Industry", which will vigorously develop the construction of intelligent greening city, Alibaba has built a smart garden in Hongshan, Wuxi, the soil sensing, sprinkling car, greenfield watering device, midstation and weather forecast of Wuxi Hongshan small town will become a interconnection and interworking information platform, enabling Hongshan to realize intellectualization, mechanization and recycling. Our products also have the same functions, and at the same time, the data superiority of our comprehensive management system based on taking smart streetlight network as grid node is not available to internet companies.

Core team:

Project Leader  Zhuang Weimin

Technical Leader  Gu Yi

Sales Director  Zhong Chi

  Sales Director  Bao Yudong

Financial Manager  Hu Caoqian

Business Mode:

1.      Lamps and lanterns + platform (smart streetlight network meshing)

2.      Separating spray + platform (modified)

3.      Platform big data analysis service (artificial intelligence)

The linkage technology integrates with smart streetlight network and is to improve the comprehensive management of landscaping and provide the linkage of city afforestation and relevant departments of maintenance or the big data and system of related gardens, parks and community greening, achieving green precision irrigation, to save a great deal of labor and water, deepening the application of artificial intelligence, constructing smart greening city based on smart streetlight network and making artificial intelligence be the main driving force of green city.

Our View of Innovation

Innovation is an important force for the country's prosperity and the source of the country's eternal life. In a word, anyone can create wealth by creating good ideas and trying to achieve it, creating a solution to the problem and creating wealth. Innovation culture has sprouted abroad, as there are adoration to innovators in their cultural soil, the innovative spirit of the United States has always been an important part of the development of this great nation.

China has also faced unprecedented challenges and problems while rising sharply and rapidly in all aspects of politics, economy, culture and science and technology, it is necessary for all walks to solve these problems with innovative thinking and new technologies and methods and promote social development.

Enterprises should regard independent R & D and independent innovation as the main strategy for development, striving to raise technological innovation level of enterprises to ensure the enhancement of their core competitiveness in a fierce environment, so as to make the enterprise itself a great enterprise and promote the development of China's economy and science and technology and accomplish the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.




Zhu Yongbin Team From Shandong Yaming——Smart Lighting Offline Network Digital Communication Technology

At present, the intelligent control and management system for power lines in the Internet of Things mainly adopts digital communication control technologies such as ZigBee wireless and PLC power line carrier, and the purpose is to realize isolated communication control for each lighting electrical appliance in the power line. Due to the high cost and the restriction of the environment, the promotion is restricted.

For this reason, we have invented a "Power Line Offline Network Digital Communication Control Technology", which is characterized by simple, intelligent, reliable, low cost and wide application.

1. Schematic Diagram of ZigBee Wireless and PLC Power Carrier Network Digital Communication Technology

Over the years, in order to achieve isolated communication control of electrical appliances in power lines, a bulky single lamp controller must be installed on each streetlight, including: control power supply, modem, transmitter, receiver, etc, not only costs and maintenance charge are high but the usage environment is subject to certain restrictions.

2. Schematic Diagram of Offline Network Digital Communication Technology

Due to the adoption of the new off-line communication control technology, the centralized controller directly modular controls the single lamp instead of the above bulky single lamp controller, and can be built into streetlight power supply and the bulb lamp. This transmission mode is simple and reliable, which is not affected by the environment while reducing the cost (only 1/10 of the above cost).

Product Advantages

1. Competitive Advantage

 (1) Industry Pioneer

The revolutionary transmission mode of power line digital communication control subverts the original transmission technology of the previous internet of things.

 (2) Patent Protection

 (3) Expert of the Internet of Things

 (4) Policy Support

l  The National Development and Reform Commission announced "G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Program (EELP)"

l  The "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and international cooperation

l  The "13th Five-Year" semiconductor lighting industry and the plan of the 13th Five-Year

 (5) Large Market Demand

According to the goal of the "'13th Five-Year' Plan For Green Lighting", China will build 12 million LED lights at a rate of 46 percent and convert 50 percent of existing streetlights.

2. Significant Comparative Advantage

3. Plenty Innovative Advantages

With the development of science and technology, the lighting industry is gradually becoming energy-saving, networked and intelligent, so the prospect of smart lighting is very promising.

Green transmission and revolutionary control mode.

4. Wide Range of Applications

5. Obvious Advantages in Cost Comparison

 (1) ZigBee Wireless Network Cable Control System

Serial Number




Unit Price (Yuan)

Valence of Offline Network Control System (Ten Thousand Yuan)

Valence of ZigBee Wireless Network Cable Control System (Ten Thousand Yuan)



Centralized Controller






Calculated by 1 centralized controller to 200 lamps


Single-lamp Controller







Maintenance Costs For Three Years






Maintenance and replacement fee for controller




The saving of ten thousand streetlights is 275-62.5=212.5(万元)

Team Introduction

Unity, smart, senior and practical

1.      Leader: Zhu Yongbin
Over 40 years' experience in electronic research and development

Invited to attend the 13th China Scientist Forum

Expert on Internet of Things communications

2.      R & D Engineer: Luo Guanghai

2.16 years' experience in software and hardware development

3.      R & D Engineer: Zhang Pingping

10 years' experience in automation research and development

Future Prospects

As offline network digital communication technology uses power line communication without space limitation, it can be applied to intelligent control of other local electric devices in addition to smart street lighting control. If it is applied to intelligent sprinkler irrigation system, it can easily detect the operation of multiple submersible pump, and make alarm in time. If it is applied to local manufacturing and processing equipment, it can easily calculate the output, power consumption, single consumption, and carry out cost accounting...

The application of offline network digital communication technology will be more and more extensive.

Our View of Innovation

Technological innovation is the core of enterprise innovation, and science and technology are the first productive forces. The competition of modern enterprises has become increasingly dependent on science and technology and strengthening technological innovation has become a new trend in the development of modern enterprises. The technological innovation of enterprises is divided into original innovation model, surpassing innovation model, local innovation model, market innovation model, standard leading innovation model and so on. No matter which kind of innovation mode, in the final analysis, it is necessary for enterprises to carry out appropriate cooperation and innovation and introduce some key technologies to improve the capability of independent innovation ultimately. The strategic goal of adopting cooperative innovation and introducing technology is to reduce the consumption of capital and manpower by enterprises and acquire more advanced technologies to win market opportunities as early as possible. This will not only save a lot of time, material resources, manpower and financial resources, but also increase the technological content and technological innovation capability of enterprises, however, in the long run, enterprises should regard independent R & D and independent innovation as the main strategies for their development. Efforts should be made to improve the level of technological innovation and ensure that enterprises can improve their core competitiveness in the fierce market competition.


Wang Shiyun Team From FLSmart——Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Charging) Apron Entrepreneurship Project Based On Smart Street Light

Set up an unmanned aerial vehicle (charging) parking apron service company based on smart streetlight to provide customers with UAV charging and "inn" service, and become a provider and operator of the whole solution of UAV downtime charging. The company provides UAV (charging) parking apron based on smart streetlight and finds location and status of the parking apron accurately through background positioning, customers can look for the apron location around the UAV according to their needs for self-service.

Research Status of UAV Charging Technology

Due to the limitation of current battery technology, usually in order to ensure the flexibility and miniaturization of UAV, it is impossible to carry too large capacity battery in the aircraft, while the traditional contact charging method is inefficient and complicated to operate. Therefore, in order to improve the endurance of UAV, scientists from various countries have conducted a great deal of research around UAV charging technology. The project aims to solve the problem of UAV parking and charging through the apron equipped with smart streetlight in combination with wireless power transmission technology.

Industry Analysis

2.1 Application Fields of UAV

Can be seen to use n agriculture, film and television drama shooting, logistics and express delivery, catering delivery service, insurance investigation, police enforcement and other activities without cease, and is applied to all aspects of production and life, from scientific and technological innovation to industrial production, UAV has unlimited charm with unlimited business opportunities.

2.2 Typical Case

Amazon had successfully conducted UAV delivery experiments in 2016, he UAV delivery is carried out in Cambridgeshire, transporting goods included a small network video set-top box and a bag of popcorn, and it only took 13 minutes from receiving user's order to UAV delivered the goods to the user's residence. The flying height of the UAV is about 120 meters in the course of the delivery.

Industry Pain Points

1. Short endurance;

2. No temporary stop;

3. Greatly affected by the weather;

4. No node positioning system;

5. Unable to remote maintenance for engineers;


Provide UAV (charging) apron service based on smart streetlight and provide wireless charging, downtime maintenance, emergency stop and other services for terminal customers.

 (UAV for plant protection)

 (UAV for logistics)

The overall sales strategy includes DAL series at the road level and YHE series at the park level, the sales method includes product sales, location lease, and the collection of charging fees based on the location lease. It realizes the temporary stop when the UAV encounters emergency weather by using the apron on the basis of the smart streetlight, the top of the apron is provided with a movable protective cover which is closed when the UAV enters, and use the wireless charging module at the bottom of the apron to recharge UAV battery. GPS geographic information of smart streetlight can be used as the node positioning transit station for UAV, through the connection between UAV control platform and smart streetlight platform to achieve location guidance and trajectory tracking for UAVs, so as to establish business cooperation relationship with plant protection units, parks and logistics enterprises.

Our View of Innovation

At present, our country is in a critical period of development of power conversion, accelerating the development of innovation and entrepreneurship has extremely important practical and strategic significance, which is conducive to inspire the infinite wisdom and creativity contained in the masses of the people and rapidly transform our advantages in human resources into human capital advantage to promote scientific and technological innovation, expand employment space and gather new momentum for development; which is conducive to speed up the integration of network economy and real economy and make full use of domestic and international innovative resources to improve production efficiency, accelerate transformation and upgrading, expand share economy and cultivate new economic growth points; which is conducive to promote the government to accelerate and perfect the institutional mechanisms that are compatible with the new economic patterns to innovate management methods, enhance service capabilities and release reform dividends; which is conducive to realize inclusive growth with fair opportunities, fair rights, participation of all and benefits for all and explore a road to wealth creation and labor-enrichment for all with Chinese characteristics.


GUO YIHAO Team From Feilo Acoustics——Shared lighting show-interactive lights follow your heart

Improved living standards further people’s distance more and more, intimacy and interaction between people is replaced by mobile phone. Products to a large extent determines the way people live, as a product designer, we can not blindly pursue its market value, but through products to improve people's living habits and products using experience. Now various festivals will through the form of lighting show to render the atmosphere, but designers just blindly improve the projection of the visual effects, but don’t take into account the human-machine interaction to increase the audience experience, which is a big loophole in the market. So this time the design is to exactly make up for it, to realize double income of profit and experience.

In the public lighting show, audience can use mobile phone app to connect the light projection equipment on demand for different lighting animation, which can be projected onto the wall by scanning text picture on phone etc., which varies prices, and are paid via mobile app. The main profit market for this product is the star concert, eg. Jay Chou concert, the 5w+ field audience, in the frenzy atmosphere, fans intend to spend large money in the strong interaction desire, with installed this product, by playing the exclusive personal lighting show to profit, presumably, high. It can be profited in corporate activities, star concerts, and landmark building.

Our View of Innovation

Innovation, literally means, is to create and discover new things, from the perspective of product innovation, is good at grasping gaps in the market, to create new products or make product improvements to timely fill it, to successfully into the market in order to achieve commercial value.

Innovation is the development source of human progress, from drilling wood to fire to the development of modern science and technology, great and small innovations are improving people's lives, while innovation from the idea of breaking people's old stereotypes, enables people dare to break the ego, to explore, and to add more vitality for the community.


HUANG LIANG Team From SHANGHAI Yaming ——Brief introduction of protective smart glove project

People will inevitably encounter all kinds of unexpected situations, whether in life or at work. Whenever there is an accident, the instinctive response is to protect yourself with your hands, so what can we do to protect our hands in time? This protective gloves use bionics design, easy-wear and maximize the hands flexibility, will not affect the conventional hand grip, stretching and other actions.

Carbon fiber is a new composite material, whose quality is lighter than the metal aluminum, but strength is higher than steel, and is corrosion resistance and high modulus, which is important material in national defense military and civilian aspects. In civilian products, it has been widely used in shell manufacturing of top luxury sports car. This glove is made of this new type of material combined with a variety of locking hardware, its lightweight makes a light hand-bearing, meanwhile with high strength to prevent various accidental injuries.

As a wearable smart equipment, its internal structure has reserved sufficient space for installing various electronic devices, including rechargeable batteries, accelerometer/electronic gyroscope, wireless communication modules. Finally to be able to interact with the smart device-through fingers’ space movements of various operations, to completely replace the traditional touch-screen interaction, which is the real sense of gesture control. Also, the smart capabilities can be upgraded as requirements, and can be integrated with the modern features of wearable devices.

Above all, the application of this product is very wide, and its protective function for various occasions; its smart function will completely change the current human-computer interaction mode, and helps giving birth to a group of applications based on real gesture control, to further toward into smart society. The protective smart gloves, as the most practical part of wearable armor, will be firstly put into the market, and based on which to though continuous design, will eventually set off a wearable equipment revolution, to challenge the traditional smart equipment.

Our View of Innovation

The concept of innovation itself is a kind of innovation, in the field of literature and art is called creation, which summarizes and is the general name of all new things. It does not require form and content, either thought, concept, theory, product or model, etc., as long as no previous existing can be called an innovation, but varied by social acceptance degree.

The beginning is simple as only an inspiration, and not limited into any form; the process is difficult as requiring great efforts; the outcome is unknown as the time’s limits, may not eventually be achieved. And eventually most people will need some time to accept the new things and then get used to it, until when the whole innovation process is over, until been gradually an old thing waiting for another innovation.



Liu Xinhong Team From Feilo Acoustics——LED Visible Light Wireless Communication Lamps

The project relies on the rapid modulation characteristics of LED light source and can achieve visible light wireless communication which integrates lighting and communication. Using the ubiquitous LED lights that have already been laid out, as long as a tiny chip is embedded in the light bulb, millions of blinks per second of the lamp can be controlled with 1 for on and 0 for off. The frequency is too fast to be detected by human eye, but the photosensitive sensor can receive these changes. Binary data is quickly encoded into light signals and transmitted efficiently so that LED lamps can become devices similar to WiFi hotspots, enabling terminals to access the network at any time.


Compared with the current wireless LAN, "visible light communication" system can use indoor lighting devices instead of transmit signals of wireless LAN base, and its communication speed can reach tens to hundreds of megabits per second. By using a dedicated computer capable of receiving and sending signals and a mobile information terminal, it is possible to transmit the information data rapidly and stability as long as the light is shone on. The lamp also has the characteristic of high security, if curtain is used to block light, the information will not be leaked to the outdoors, and using multiple computers at the same time will not affect communication speed. As no radio wave communication is used, medical equipment and aircraft that are sensitive to electromagnetic signals can also be free to use the system.

The lamp also incorporates data communication with traffic lights to provide better safety and reliability for traffic management. At present, there are several demonstration systems based on visible light communication lights, such as passing data from traffic lights to cars, or transferring data between cars and cars.

The lamp uses the characteristic that light can be propagated in water so that information transfer can be realized on the seabed without laying optical fiber.

What LED visible light wireless communication lamps should now do is not to attempt to be appeared in the Internet or to replace WIFI, but should belong to its unique application.

Play the characteristics of visible light communication The application combines the three points of unidirectional, high-speed and controllable area can make visible light communication play its great role.

Everything is possible in the future: there is wireless communication where there is light.

Our View of Innovation

Innovation refers to non-conformist and seeking change, which presents as creatively raising questions and creatively solving problems. To cultivate innovation ability, we must have strong thirst for knowledge, creative divergent thinking, unconventional reverse thinking, rich imagination and keen discovery power.