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【Innovative Management Topics】Innovation Is the Soul of Enterprise's Development ——The Year of Manag

On November 15, 1984, a communication article with hundreds words on "Xinmin Evening News" about "Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Company is opening to accept collective and individual stock subscription on 18th" caused great repercussions in the society, which could be described as a stone stirred up a thousand layers of waves. On the day of stock issuance, many people came early to buy stocks and lined up at the unattainable long queue, the splendor of the occasion surpassed anything heretofore seen.

At the end of 2014, Shanghai appeared the first major assets reorganization of state-owned enterprise and private enterprise, and formed the first mixed management system of state-owned assets in Shanghai.

"The first stock of new China" which created the tendency first, the state-owned enterprise which dared to be the first, is Feilo Acoustics.

It can be said that the establishment of Feilo Acoustics is a kind of innovation, and Feilo has also become a synonymous of discarding the old and establishing the new, who has continuously led the frontier for decades.

Following the reorganization with Beijing Shenan Group, General Manager Zhuang Shenan brought the corporate spirit of "innovate to change, advance with the times" to Feilo Acoustics, and after that, the innovation road of Feilo Acoustics was up another step.

"From 2015 to now, we have been innovating all the time, whether in production or management, whether in functional departments or regional bases," Zhuang Shenan, General Manager of Feileo Acoustics believes firmly on innovation, however, innovation is difficult, "Innovation should not only be better than others, but also be seeing something others have not seen, it not only needs to overcome the difficulties in the small environment or the large environment, but also needs the courage to accept the criticism of the majority. Therefore, we must change our concept, since it is innovation, we should give it a relaxed environment and conditions, and it is meaningless to talk about innovation while putting in splints on both sides."

Confronting with the rapidly changing market, Feilo Acoustics has carried out financial innovation, "We finally promoted the landing of smart city industrial fund after preliminary framework design, feasibility analysis and a series of meticulous actions." In GM Zhuang's opinion, financial innovation is like an effective medicine for the enterprise, "Financial innovation has not only mitigated the financial problems of our business and project operation but also effectively reduced our business risk to avoid project risks ultimately being taken by the company."

In business mode and operation mode, Feilo Acoustics is also constantly innovating, GM Zhuang tells us, "We have combined the operation mode of PPP and our operation service methods to continuously improve the company's profit points from the angles of assets, capitalization and marketization."

In December of this year, Feilo Acoustics launched the second outcome conference of "Staff Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity" with the theme of "Dreams Set Sail  Join Hands to Create ", 10 innovation projects were shortlisted for the 2017 "Staff Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity" outcome conference and presented live road show at the meeting. Among them, "Comprehensive Energy-saving Solution for Multi-sensor Lighting Oriented to Community Roads" from Yuan Kewen team won the third prize and the most popular award in the final of the second "Intelligent Tech Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held by INESA on December 27th.

"Relish" is the first word used by the company's Party Secretary Xiang Min to sum up the innovation and entrepreneurship activity. She says that the reason why it is "relish" is that these projects are combined with the strategic transformation of the company, with forward-looking areas, with practical application, and with existing products.

"In addition to scientific research and innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship activity has created a better working platform and guided employees, especially young employees, to conduct innovative thinking with work." Secretary Xiang finds more values of this activity, "The event has also fostered excellent teams with members come from different departments and groups, and people who have ideas get the chance to serve as product managers and learn how to lead a team."

"Encourage innovation and tolerate failure." Secretary Xiang stresses that the environmental support of innovation is very important, since it is a new thinking and a new change, we cannot use existing standards to judge it, but to leave enough room for failure. In terms of innovation itself, it requires not only the kinetic energy of initiative innovation, but also the ability to break down habitual thinking.

"Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress and the weight for enterprise to win in market competition. We are naturally born with innovative genes, and the 'I' in our corporate culture 'Light+' also represents innovation, so the importance of innovation is beyond doubt. However, the company's innovation should not stop at the innovation and entrepreneurship activity, but to maintain it throughout all aspects of our daily work."

As Secretary Xiang says, "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity" is just a microcosm of Feilo Acoustics's in-depth innovation. In the "Year of Management", the company has made in-depth innovations in many aspects, including system, marketing, finance and so on. Our business model shifted from product type to overall solution, we established 50 billion smart city industrial funds with Guiyang Bank and we held 2017"Ya" Brand new products press conference by online live broadcasting.

"We are also emphasizing innovation in terms of product development, organizational structure and team building," Feilo Acoustics GM Assistant, General Manager of Research and Development Center, Tong Min, walks firmly on the road of innovation, "Enterprise's research and development must focus on its strategic goals and business objectives, so we redefined the core competitiveness of our R&D and formed the transformation from electric light source to the fields of semiconductor, digital control and communication in technology and the overall solution of the scene with application-oriented of products."

"We have established a management agency of product whole life cycle that proactively conducts demand management and mobilizes R&D resources to complete product iteration according to the different stages of a product from birth to death." Manager Tong introduces that the departments in R&D Center was divided based on product categories in the past, such as light source, power supply, lamps and lanterns, intelligent control and so on. Now it is organized according to technology - product - solution - implementation, which makes full use of R&D resources, highlights LED lighting systems and emphasizes more on product market applicability, allowing users to buy solutions rather than products.

Innovation is also reflected in the change of R&D subjects. Today's R&D center is not only the research and development of products, but also the main body of researching and developing solutions. With the rapid advancement of Feilo's smart city, R&D center has started to build a management and control platform to develop operation and maintain business.

"Today's R&D management is no longer a simple matter or two, we must take a innovative and long-term perspective in overall planning," says Tong.

In 2017, we passed the "Year of Management" consisting of management in various fields such as auditing, finance, legal affairs and investment with fruitful achievements. In all fields of management, we could always saw the figure of innovation, they were inseparably interconnected and complemented each other to bring out the best, and the successful application of innovation also demonstrated the reform courage and decision-making wisdom of the company and its leaders in keeping pace with the times.

Times and the market is always changing, the proportion of "innovation" may continue to increase in Feilo Acoustics, along with the continuous enhancement of its core-competitiveness.