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On 2017/12/18, HUANG JINGANG (INESA VP and FEILO chairman), NI ZIHONG(INESA general manager of market department) and JINXIAN county’s leaders inspected JIANGXI base to understand situation of production and administration since 2nd round production beginning. And then, INESA leaders listened to South China area and JIANGXI base’ 2017 work report.

During the inspection on JIANGXI base 2nd round production workshop, HUANG and NI communicated deeply with JINXIAN county’s leader. Appreciate county’s leader for their care and support on growth since JIANGXI SHENAN built in JINXIAN county. And also expressed affirmation and praise on that JIANGXI SHENAN 2nd round can be finished in only one year and start to produce.

After that, HUANG and NI listened to FEILO South China’s CEO ZHUANG SEHNZHI work report on the 2017 South China area and JIANGXI base’s development, target achieving status and main business achievement. ZHUANG pointed out that after internal structural adjustment, 2017 South China area and JIANGI base fuse well on project business, internal administration, finance and storage. Panel lights is the bright point of work in 2017 JIANGXI base and it also was well received by Sylvania customer.

After working report, HUANG rated achievement high on South China area and JIANGXI base growth. He thought it must paid lots of effort and sweat to overcome difficulties and get achievement in 2017 market which was no goods as expected.

INESA general manager of market department NI ZIHONG gave advice on South China area and JIANGXI base 2018 work. Hope work closely and try best to make company development more deeply and firmly.

At last, ZHUANG SHENZHI pointed out that South China area and JIANGXI base will work closely and try best to increase steadily on production quality, administration quality, project quality and staff quality. Try to give a good report in 2018 this time.