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December 4 this year was the fourth national constitution day, December 4 to December 10 was the 29th Shanghai Constitution Propaganda Week. According to the requirement of Shanghai INESA, Shanghai Feilo organized education activity of constitution propaganda, and actively mobilized subordinate enterprises to carry out all kinds of activities to vigorously promote the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, firmly establish the constitutional authority, so that constitutional law enjoys popular support.

Upon receiving the relevant work requirements of its superior Shanghai INESA, the Company promptly transmitted the relevant circular in the form of official document, to mobilize all departments, units and affiliated enterprises to actively carry out constitution propaganda series activities. The Company Legal Department publicized the spirit of the Constitution and the 19th CPC National Congress to all staff members through exhibition boards, electronic screens and posters, and organized staffs of the headquarter, its subordinate regions, bases and subsidiaries to follow the WeChat public account of “Rule of Law in Shanghai” and participate in the 29th Shanghai Constitution Propaganda Week knowledge contest. In addition, the team formed by the Company Legal Department took an active part in "INESA Orienteering Competition of Rule of Law" held on December 7 by INESA with the theme of "Carrying forward the Constitutional Spirit and Building Rule of Law in INESA”, with good results achieved.

Various subordinate regions, bases and subsidiaries actively responded to the call of the company. During the period of the Constitution Propaganda Week, they actively conducted all kinds of propaganda campaigns for the rule of law in addition to advertising through display boards, electronic screens and posters. For example, Jiangxi base carried out a two-day constitution propaganda campaign, invited its permanent legal advisers to give lectures on constitutional knowledge for employees and organized staffs to answer constitutional questions. On the day of "12.4" National Constitution Day, Henan Base organized all employees to watch the feature film "Rule of Law in China" to publicize socialist concept of the rule of law and the great historic significance of the principle of administering the country in accordance with the law in an all-round way. Jiangsu Yaming organized a special constitutional training among company managers to improve their constitutional law awareness. Other bases and subsidiaries also actively carried out relevant propaganda activities in various forms.

This Constitution Propaganda Week activity further enhanced the staff understanding of constitutional laws and regulations and raised staff awareness of rule of law, which has played a positive role in promoting the Company's compliance with the law.