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On December 11, 2017, Feilo 2017 “employee mass entrepreneurship and innovation” achievement conference under the theme of "setting sail for common dream" was held in the conference room of Shanghai Yaming R & D Center. The mass entrepreneurship and innovation event organized by the company's trade union and the Communist Youth League attracted active participation of various branch offices and employees from all bases, with eleven innovative projects finally selected for the achievement conference.

The company CCP, administrative, trade union, Youth League Committee leaders, responsible persons from various departments and sub-branches of the company, as well as representatives of innovation and entrepreneurship projects involving a total of more than 80 participants attended the conference.

Several general managers from Feilo, Shanghai Yaming, Feilo Smart, R&D center, Y&L commonly acted as the judges of the achievement conference.

Xie Shengjun, executive deputy GM of the company, delivered an opening speech. He paid tribute to those innovative employees and believed that this "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" event created a stronger innovation atmosphere within the company, which reflected the entrepreneurial spirit of keeping pace with the times.

On-site road shows were given for the 11 participating projects, followed by interaction with leaders and experts. After on-site scoring and review by the judges, it was finally decided that: "medical anastomat titanium nail project" of Guo Rong team from Shanghai Y&L won maker award; two projects including “multisensory lighting integrated energy-saving system for community roads” led by Ke Yuanwen team from Shanghai Feilo Smart won the most potential award, three projects including “Feilo smart pots” led by Shi Liyuan team from Shanghai Feilo won the best creative award. The company leaders presented awards to them.

Tong Min, general manager assistant and GM of R & D Center, made concluding remarks. In his opinion, the road show made great strides over last year with many fresh points emerged. This fully demonstrated the passion of all the employees, teams and departments as well as innovative thinking throughout business model, operations and the whole project. He said that the actual use of business innovation cases reflected active thinking of all employees in their daily work.

Lastly, Secretary General Xiang Min summarized Feilo 2017 mass entrepreneurship and innovation event. She said the event had the following four characteristics: First, combination with the strategic transformation of the company; Second, combination with the prospective field; Third, combination of business and practice; Fourth, based on existing products, but not rigidly adhere to them. She said that this event have also achieved remarkable practical results, which not only provided a better working platform and formed an excellent new team, but also provided impetus to Feilo’s research and development and enterprise transformation.

Attached: awards list

Innovation Award:

“Titanium-pin project of medical anastomat”, Guo Rong Team, Shanghai Y&L Co., Ltd

Potential Award:

“Multi-sensor lighting system of integrated energy-saving for Community Road”, Yuan Kewen team, Feilo Smart Technology Co., Ltd

“Shared lighting--smart street lights for you”, Bai Kun Team, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd.

The Best Creative Award

“Feilo Smart Flowerpot”, Shi Liyuan team, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd.

“Smart Street Lamp: Net--linkage technology of landscape greening integrated management”, Zhuang Weimin team, Feilo Smart Technology Co., Ltd

“Smart lighting Off-line network management control system’, Zhu Yongbin team,Shandong Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.