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In order to implement the "Outline of Quality Development (2011-2020)" and actualize "Made in China 2025", according to the requirements of the "〔2017〕NO.59 Notices on INESA Carrying Out 'Quality Month' Event", Feilo Acoustics actively organized 2017" Quality Month "activities in September and October.

Adopt A Variety of Forms and Publicize Widely to Enhance Quality Awareness of the Whole Staff

All bases and sub-branches vigorously propagate "Quality Month" event by hanging banners, posting various kinds of posters in factories, production places and office areas, using WeChat platform and so on.

Highlight Key Points and Carry Out Special Inspections to Strengthen Field Management

In accordance with the promotion of "Field Management Star Rating", Production and Operation Center of Feilo Acoustics and Y&L jointly organized "Create Star Spot ? Find Learning Point" activity.

He Jianrong, General Manager of Shanghai Y&L, gave a lesson personally and explained the tiny changes to departments, the company and even to individuals and life brought by the process of field 5S management from import to maintain and continuously improve in simple language.

On August 30, the start-up and mobilization meeting of "Quality Month" was held at the headquarters in Guilin Road, and the attendants from all bases and subsidiaries reported plans for 2017 annual quality month activities.

On October 21st, 2017, the "Quality Knowledge Orientation Match" was held in Xitang. The event was planned by Safety and Quality Management Department of Feile Acoustics Production and Operation Center, three teams which came from 12 sub-branches and bases attended the match.Through the activity, quality team fully understood the quality management system of Feilo Acoustics, internal communication and exchange was promoted and the sense of collective belonging was found.

In mid-to-late September, the inspection team set up by Feilo Acoustics Production and Operation Center went to three bases in Shandong, Hubei and Jiangxi, focusing on quality system operation, product quality control process and product quality to conduct special inspection and evaluating the status of base quality management and supervising to improve shortcomings to reduce the risk of quality control and enhance base physical management.

Active Organization to Participate in INESA "Quality Month Event"

On September 29th, in INESA "Quality Month Readers Salon Activity", Zhuang Weimin, from FLSMART, which subordinates to Feilo Acoustics, won runner-up with the outstanding result of second place, Zhao Lei, from Jiangsu Yaming was also not to be outdone and won "winning prize".

On November 21st, in INESA 2017 Annual "Quality Month" Summary and Excellent Quality Work Case Award Ceremony, "Reduce Half-bright Non-performing Rate of Power LED Particles in Prolight 4040", selected by Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. and "Reduce Defect Rate of Small Ear in HID Assembly Line 2 to Improve Product Quality", selected by Jiangsu Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd., won the second and third prize respectively.

Full Participation, Adapt to Local Conditions, Various Characteristics

1.Quality Training

All subsidiaries and bases organized and implemented various quality exchanges and trainings according to their own management needs

2.Quality Competition

In September, Y&L Lighting Company organized Quality Competition to fully understand the importance of process control and methods through competition.

On September 20th, Shandong Base organized the Second Quality Knowledge Competition, involving product knowledge, quality awareness, quality control inspection and so on. Employees had mastered the basic products and quality knowledge through the activity and their active competition showed the "craftsman spirit" of Feilo people who are struggling forward and striving for perfection!

On September 26th, Jiangxi Base held a grand Quality Knowledge Contest. The event was strongly supported by the leadership of the company. Contestants actively raised their hands to compete and answer questions, the atmosphere of the competition was extremely fierce, which fully demonstrated the competition atmosphere that you were excellent but I was much better.

On September 28th, Sichuan Base organized Quality Knowledge Contest, in order to get better results in the competition, employees prepared early and actively sought quality-related information and studied hard to continuously enhance their operational combat capabilities. Through this competition, employees had been encouraged the work enthusiasm of studying diligently, practicing skills and striving for advanced.