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Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival is the largest e-commerce event of the year. With the smooth "Double 11" e-commerce promotion, every e-commerce company has firmly grasped this huge business opportunity.

On November 11, 2017, Feilo’s subordinate Yabrand homeware flagship shop participated in the Tmall double 11 global shopping carnival. The total access traffic exceeded 100,000 UV on the day, transaction amount of civilian product exceeded 1 million yuan. Where, LED light trading index for the day ranked fourth in Tmall among II category lamp tubes.

It is reported that Feilo's Tmall Ya brand homeware flagship shop was formally put into operation in September 2017. The civilian products-based shop sells living room lamp, bedroom lamp, table lamp, lamp tube, etc. in a total of 50 varieties. Since its operation in September, the flagship shop has been focused on civilian product lines, introducing special online products, strictly selecting products under the support of big data. On the other hand, it joins brand marketing center to expand online channels planning to retail business model in new form. Adhering to innovation, it firmly grasps the pulse of the times.

2017 is the first double 11 shopping festival after Feilo E-Commerce Company was founded. Feilo E-commerce departments started preparation for the event one month in advance. Product Management Department communicated with various subsidiaries and suppliers to ensure that double-11 promotional products are put in storage on time; support department worked overtime to ensure that products are put in storage according to the specification model in orderly manner; at the same time, platform business colleagues were busy with page design changes, promotion programs to ensure the normal operation of the shop; integrated management department, trade unions mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, provide logistics protection and make double 11 publicity.

After the double 11 of this year, the relevant responsible person of Feilo E-commerce said that, this year’s participation is just a starting point. The future market competition is not just about products and channels, but also about brand awareness. We should give full play to e-commerce information dissemination advantages, play exemplary role from brand awareness, so that “brand enjoys popular support.”