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From 13:30 to 15:00 on November 8th, 2017, Feilo Acoustics held online live activity of "Ya" brand 2017 new product launching event.

As the leading company in domestic lighting industry, Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. had planned and implemented the online live broadcast of the new products in the corporate spirit of "innovate to change, keep up with the times". This activity, led and organized by Feilo Branding and Marketing Center, cooperated with Research and Development Center, Production and Operation Center, Feilo E-commerce and other related departments, with the full supports of all sales regions and active participation of national partners, was a complete success!

This online live broadcast of new products was the first creation in domestic lighting industry, it combined two business modes of online and offline and created a new mode of new product launching, which was a positive practice and exploration for enterprise to innovate and develop.

The online live broadcast included four parts: "Ya" brand online channel planning, "Ya" brand new civil products release, 2018 "Ya" brand LED industrial products planning and distribution and "Ya" brand new industrial products release. There were 47 civilian LED products, including absorbent lamps, table lamps, mirror headlights, and 172 SKU. In the aspect of industrial products, there were 6 industrial LED products, including floodlights, street lamps, panel lights and ceiling lights, with a total of 30 SKU.

On "Ya" brand online channel planning, the business development direction of the three major sectors and "new retail" of online channel: Taobao mart, Tmall and store were elaborated, which provided new ideas and favorable supports for distributors to expand new business areas. Meanwhile, manager of R&D Center introduced detailed parameters and specific application fields of the LED industrial new products to the large live audiences "face to face" and conducted in-depth interaction with audiences while answering products performance.

During the one-and-a-half hour live, a total of more than 10,000 people watched it and interactive information reached more than 1,000 pieces with audiences all over the country. "Online" live broadcast, new form of conference, not only obtained wider dissemination and promotion for "Ya" brand, but also made the related product managers understand the actual needs of front channel dealers and collect the most real first-hand information to create a benign interaction of market-oriented.

In order to facilitate the majority of dealers to have a deep understanding of the released new products, before 17:00, November 22, it would still be available to watch the playback on Feilo WeChat public account.