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Feilo Party Committee held study and education conference of “ Study on theoretical and practical is[2016-06-03]

Abstract:on morning of June 3th, Feilo Party Committee held again the conference of syste-matic Secretary of ....


Small street light [2016-05-27]

Abstract:On May. 27th, 2016, the group, consisted of Jiang Liang, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, Jin Xingmi....


Smart Interaction Kindles Smart Lighting ——GM Zhuang Shenan Participated in 2016 Shanghai Conference[2016-05-20]

Abstract:On May 20th, 2016, Shanghai Conference on Lighting Technology and Tendency of Application, jointly h....


Being mainstay of cross-border mergers and acquisitions: Feilo won the Jinshao prize [2016-04-22]

Abstract:On the 21stand 22nd of April, 2016, The Third Summit of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and Th....


Feilo “Carrier” Sets Sail, Leading to Massive Media Coverage[2016-04-16]

Abstract:From 14th to 16th April, 2016 China Lighting Expo and 2016 Smart Home & Intelligent Building Expo th....


Unprecedented Situation in Feilo Booth: Full of Praise for the “Aircraft Carrier”[2016-04-15]

Abstract:From Apr. 14 to Apr. 16, 2016 Beijing Lighting Fair and 2016 Beijing Smart Home and Architecture Exh....